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I came here looking for [a project] that I saw from you on Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram — can you help me find it?

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Meet the Author: Cassity

Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. She is an interior designer, wife, and mother of two. She and Justin have remodeled three Read More


  1. Katherine says

    I also LOVE “Once Upon A Time,” but agree that it has really slowed down in the story-telling department. Something big has got to start happening before Henry grows up! Also disappointed in David and Snow, although she is adorable.

    • says

      Technically it is totally backward, since they are the truly married ones, but it makes him less likable in my opinion… And yes let’s get this story going!

  2. Giselle says

    On September 14 you published a pillow with the theme of movies, I wonder where I can buy that my husband loves to watch movies and have a study that we decorate with that theme, and I would like to surprise him.

  3. rachel says

    I saw your post about your peel and stick grouted floor tiles and I have a question. I apologize if you already got this message, but I tried contacting you a different way and don’t think it worked! 😉

    I am TOTALLY doing this exact DIY right now, and can’t believe I just happened upon your blog, via Pinterest! I’d love to know if you had to use a deglosser or self-leveling agent on your tile floor prior to putting down the floor tiles. The dude at Lowe’s told me I should. Also, did you remove the tiles from your wall before hanging the wainscoting, or did you just put it over top? And if so, how did you attach it to the tile?
    Eek! You got me very excited!! Thanks!

  4. Smith Paul says


    I would need a quote for the following island counter tops without installation and template.

    Item: Two Kitchen Island Tops (44 square feet)
    1 @ 36” X 76” and 1 @ 42” X 84”
    Material: Blue Pearl GT Granite
    Thickness: 3cm (approximately 1 1/4”)
    Edge Treatment: Full bullnose
    Cut-outs and Splashes: Not required

    I need you to get back to me with a pick up price for the two island countertops(cost of material and fabrications) and also let me know the major credit cards you accept.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



  5. Denise says

    Is the tutorial available for the Pottery Barn knockoff kitchen island? I want to build it out of cedar to use on my front porch as a combination potting table/sideboard. I’ve made a a sideboard with a cooler pocket for ice on our back deck and thought it would suffice for all the entertaining areas in and around our home…NOT. I’ll need to make the drawer larger and the fold up flaps shorter to make this piece work for my needs.
    Looking forward to your response.

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