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Well we have a little snippet of good, actually great news!
We sold our house!!!
We were going to try to put our house up for sale by owner but just didn’t have the time. So, we called our realtor Tammy. She listed our house on Tuesday, and then we waited. We had one showing on Saturday. Which was quite a fiasco!
We decided to take the cats with us so that they wouldn’t escape or bug the prospective buyers. Within the first mile Kitty was so upset that she threw up. Then she crawled under Justin’s seat and continued to cry (really sad meowing, every 30 seconds) for the next 30 minutes.
Buddy at first was great, but as the time went on, we had unloaded the car (at the storage unit), and were about to go to a few other stores, he started heavily panting and hyperventilating. Any of you that know buddy, know that he is a big, rather stout boy and I was not sure his heart would be able to handle the stress. So we drove back to the house and the people were just walking out! Thank heaven! So, we parked in front of our neighbors house and as soon as they drove away I ran the cats back in and of course they were fine! I have no idea what they are going to do for 2 days in the car going to a new home that they have never seen. I am definitely going to need to get a tranquilizer.
Anyway, we had a BBQ that night to try and get as many friends together as possible. We called a bunch of our friends from work and church and just sat around and ate (and talked of course). While we were hanging out I got a call for another showing Sunday afternoon, while I would be at church, and what is so funny is that all the tension that I had felt about selling the house just totally left my body! I was so happy, calm and so relieved. Which is funny because it was just a showing.
Sure enough, they made an offer on the house we did some very serious haggling, and now the house is sold!
I am so happy! Now we can really make some plans for Texas!

Let me take a moment to be thankful-

I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for watching out for us so faithfully. This whole process has been hard, and more work than I’d care to think about at the moment, but a true blessing. Before this change began, I was praying to my Father that He would prepare a way for us to be able to adopt. We just haven’t been able to get to that point financially here. I asked Him, if that was truly what he wanted us to do, that we needed Him to prepare a way for it to be able to happen. And then Justin got laid off. As silly as it may sound, I know that this new path is an answer to my prayers. I really feel like He has a plan for our little family. From the very beginning I have been prepared for each little bump in the road, and even the good news. The Spirit has just dwelt with me from day to day. I am thankful that I have been able to recognize so clearly the blessings in my life. I love my Father and I am so thankful for all He has given me. And I am so thankful to my Savior for bearing this burden for me. And so I will try to remember this, and hope that we all can remember those times that we have been guided.


Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. She is an interior designer, wife, and mother of two. She and Justin have remodeled three homes from top to bottom and are working on their fourth. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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