Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 2


…. on the 2nd day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me ….

Scalloped Edged Ornament
 I think that first one is my favorite so far, and it is probably the easiest one I have made.
Also it is definitely kid friendly.

  • Start with your choice of paper. I used two coordinating pieces. Or it could be solid or a rainbow of colors… It is up to you!
  • Use a circular shape, (a cup for example) and trace that shape onto your paper 8 times.
  • Cut out circles.   *** Optional, if you have scallop edged scissors or pinking shears use them.
  • Fold circles in half, like above 
  • Glue the side of one folded circle, and glue two pieces together.
  • Repeat with all sides until you have a small stack of half circles
  • Add a small ribbon loop to ornament and then glue final two sides together. 
Brad Ornament
  • Cut card stock paper into thin strips about 1/4″-3/8″ inch wide by 6″-8″ inch long

  • Gather strips together, good side facing up

  • Make a hole in the end of strips.  (I used a nail and hammer, with a cutting board underneath)

  • Place brad into hole and secure it (not too tightly)

  • Repeat on second end, but before putting the brad into the paper add some looped ribbon. ( I taped the end of the ribbon so it wouldn’t fray, and pushed the brad through the taped ribbon portion)

  • Now fan out your pieces.

**I learned that you need to use card stock and the thinner and longer the strips of paper
the better it looks, the one below was my first try and it is not my favorite!

Sources for these ideas are found at Stamping and Stuff and Flickr.


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  1. Amy Sue says

    >very cool. and easy. I may have to try your ornament with the scalloped edges.

    I'll be tuning in for more paper decor ideas.

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