Dinning Out….Outside


Dinning Out….Outside
party highlight by Three Pixie Lane

I love to eat out…
…outside, that is.
The children were out of school on Friday, so we enjoyed the long weekend with perfect, cool weather.
If I had to polish, I would never use this old tray!  I like the patina of the tarnish…or at least, I tell myself that I do!
My ‘partner in crime’ waits patiently for the steaks.  Toby is our adopted dog.  My husband’s uncle passed away last year at the age of 98 and Toby didn’t have anywhere to go.  Our lab of 16 years had recently passed away, so we welcomed Toby into our home.  He is now 11 years old and is thebest dog in the world!  Rob’s parents drove to Pennsylvania and back to South Carolina to bring Toby to us!
My table is an old door from a farm house that my parents renovated years ago.  My dad was throwing it away, so I snagged it.  It is solid and very heavy!   
Some of the last flowers from summer fill a milk jar next to my swing.
It doesn’t take much to make an outdoor spot cozy…just grab a blanket, a couple of pillows, the fresh air…perfect.
I bought the old, rusty chandelier for $15 at a flea market.  It hangs outside year round from a piece of copper wire that has now aged beautifully.
The saw horses were in my husband’s shed.  I painted them white, and they serve as the base for this makeshift table.
 The children gathered the weeds and flowers for this little urn.  This little task makes them feel so important!  The centerpiece sits low, so conversation is not hindered.
I think we will use this exact set-up in a few weeks for my brother-in-law’s wedding shower.  It offers a hint of fall with the subtle color and apples.
I am just messin’ with the camera settings…I have a point and shoot Coolpix L100 for those of you that have asked.  It takes pretty good pictures for this amateur, but I am cravin’ a big ol’ snazzy one! 
This bench and grain sack float all around our house for extra seating.
Here is a better view of the door…I mean table!
Toby is licking his chops…he smells the steaks!
This antique wooden caddy holds an assortment of vintage-looking flatware.  The placemats came from Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte, NC.  The quilt on the swing is from the Pottery Barn Outlet many years ago.
Enjoy taking your family out to dinner!

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  1. Prior says

    >Now, this is just a perfect setting with perfect accessories. Love the grain sack, the sawhorse door table, well i love it all! Lezlee

  2. Christie says

    >Thank you so much for this feature! This was one of my favorite days…beautiful outside and I love any excuse to eat outside! What a nice surprise to jump on my blog and to see your button with my title next to it! I am thrilled that you like it!! Thanks again! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  3. ~mel says

    >Everything looks so inviting! That Toby sure is a handsome looking fellow ~ and that sure was sweet of you to take him in.

  4. jayayceeblog says

    >What a gorgeous day, beautiful setting, sweet table. And Toby's story just brings happy tears to my eyes. How wonderful that he had a loving family to embrace him!

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