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This is a great idea for a dining table if you are willing to try it.  She had the dining table cut in half to make two console tables.  Very clever if you ask me.  She also shows us the picture of her DIY headboard that matches one of her new console table.


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A while back I bought a dining table in Louis XV style to paint and re-sell, but then I had a different idea..
A couple of hours later it had been cut, not in half, but into two 13 1/2 in (35cm) wide console

Here is the table before I did what I intend to do to it.  It is about 3’-4” wide x 5’-0” long (1m x 1,50m) so it’s actually huge and it’s really difficult to get it in my car..

I headed straight for a workshop and had the guys cut my table for me.  I think they thought I was mad, but hey I don’t care.  Better than being boring, I always say.  I now have 2 console tables at 13 1/2” wide x 5’ long (1,5m x 35 cm) .

One is already finished and here it is

I am so happy with the result. It looks quite posh. The problem now, is that I would love to keep it. It’s always difficult to have to sell things that you’ve enjoyed creating.

The other table will be quite different.  Bought the paint today.

Hope you like our new table!
I have made it the same style as the headboard.

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    This is fricking awesome! Love this idea–now I’m going to be on the look out for an ornate dining room table to chop in half! lol.

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      I am not sure how my guest-er fastened them but I would use a small metal “L” bracket with 1/2 inch wood screws to the under side of the table and an anchored screw to the wall! Or you could hang it like we did this headboard….

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