Master Bathroom Flooring Reveal & Giveaway

Alright, everyone I am so excited to show you the finished master bathroom flooring.  (Be sure to check out the first two posts for some great tiling tips and a funny shopping video!)


Welcome to the Master Bath!

New Tile In Master Bathroom Remodelaholic (7)

I still have a few details to share (about the rest of the master bathroom update), but I am excited to share how the flooring turned out!


New Tile In Master Bathroom Remodelaholic (2)

New Tile In Master Bathroom Remodelaholic (3)


If you are wondering what tile we used for the master bathroom flooring, it is the Briton Bone.  Affordable and great looking.  You really should check out The Atmospheres Tile Collection ,by Daltile.  It has so many great natural stone looks with the ease of use that only tile offers.  Also the line really has some fun modern tiles sizes that are really affordable!   Really the possibilities are endless!

Want some tiling CASH of your own?

Affordable, stylish and easy to install, Daltile is the right choice when selecting tile!

How about a $100 gift card to Home Depot!

Enter to win a $100 gift card to the Home Depot so you can start working on your own project!

To enter leave a separate comment for each entry, you can enter once or up to 5 times!


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The giveaway will be open til 7/23/12.  We’re been planning on showing you what we did with the vanity and mirror soon, stay tuned!


Disclaimer: The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in its Daltile program.  As part of the program, I received compensation from The Home Depot in the form of a gift card to participate in this campaign promoting the new Atmospheres Tile Collection by Daltile.  They did not tell me what to say about the products used for the Daltile Program. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. The winner of any giveaways in this program will be randomly chosen and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.


Edit 7/26

And the Winner is: Kelly Lee!  Congratulations!

Meet the Author: Cassity

Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. She is an interior designer, wife, and mother of two. She and Justin have remodeled three Read More


  1. Mami2jcn says

    I like you on Facebook as Mary Happymommy and shared your page with my friends.

  2. says

    my current project has been going on…and on…for 4 months now. i am so ready for it to be done. we are totally relandscaping our backyard. new pool, new deck, new artificial turf, new landscape rock, new drainage plan, new plants. and it will be fabulous when it is finished. but here in sunny southern arizona we get to work about 3 hours a day from 630am to about 10am. by then the temps have reached well into the 100’s and it is just too dang hot!

  3. Freda says

    I have been a follower for some time now. I pinned a pic of your stair redo. What would you do about yucky hollow core doors?

  4. Nicole says

    I’d LOVE to have win the Home Depot gift card! We are currently redoing our stairs and this would definitely help :)

  5. Freda says

    I already follow you on facebook but shared your post on my timeline. I could really use this gift card! I scraped popcorn ceiling and took down wallpaper in my bathroom but it is still a mess.There is CARPET on the floor that must go! See a tiling job in my near future…

  6. says

    Hmm, I have a lot of small projects but I guess the one that I’d like to focus on and finish is the capiz shell chandeliers I’m making for our walk in closet.

  7. Denise says

    You have done such a fantastic job, cutting tiles is always a thing that worries me. I have only ever cut subway tiles and that worried me. Well done it loos amazing.

  8. Denise says

    Right now I’m working on making a double bed frame into a bench, its dark wood and very intricate but i want to have the finished bench white to either put on my front deck or in my foyer.

  9. Kat Chavez says

    Already follow you on Pinterest, the butcherblock counter tops are what peak my interest. My kitchen redo dreams involve a white kitchen with big subway tiles and butcher block counter tops…hints of turquoise to highlight :)

  10. says

    Bonus question:
    We are currently working on our kitchen and dining room. So far we have painted a china cabinet and refinished the kitchen knobs. Both rooms need to be repainted and we need to build a dining room table, so that gift card would really help!

  11. Carly Delise says

    If by subscribe to your RSS feed, you mean I get your posts in Reader, then I subscribed!

  12. Carly Delise says

    What project am I working on? Holy Crap, what project am I NOT working on. My entire house is one big project. We just bought our first house, and it needs work. The dining room windows are nekked as are the living room windows! Those are the first things that need to be completed. The flooring in the ENTIRE house needs to be replaced. I would love to construct an awesome headboard for the guest room! That is the saddest room of them all!

  13. Lara says

    I follow you on FB and on Pinterest! I love that tile!
    We have so many projects on our to-do list, but we are tackling them one at a time… little by little. The latest is a photo gallery wall in the living room and we are also repainting the trim in the house, room by room.

  14. Kat Chavez says

    While the kitchen is what really needs a remodel we are starting in the kids room with those closets! You have definintly inspired me to be a bit more “do it yourself” type

  15. Tammy says

    I am a follower and subscribed to your feeds. Love this blog! Such amazing ideas to learn from!

  16. Jeanette C says

    We just moved into our new builder grade house in June. We are working on decorating, right now.

  17. Denise L says

    We are currently working on completely revamping our sunroom. It’s going from a 3 season room to a full-fledged office/living space, complete with custom made french doors courtesy of my loving hubby!

  18. Marie Alkire says

    Want to redo my bathroom!! Have hated the flooring since we moved in, in fact I would like to redo the whole thing, just have never been wild about it! Tks for sharing

  19. Erin says

    I follow you on pinterest (an pin your stuff regularly)! We just purchased a house and are doing some pretty extensive reno – a gift card to Home Depot would be AWESOME! PS love the tile!

  20. Erin says

    And for the bonus question – what project am I working on now? The question is what project am I not working on. Biggest one is probably the kitchen update – new tile floors, new lights, re-stained cabinets, adding cabinets, granite counter tops, new sink and faucet, new appliances and a subway tile backsplash! Would love that Home Depot card and could REALLY use it!

  21. Dana says

    We are currently working on too many project since we gutted a house are are redoing everything. But just to list the current – we are tiling our kitchen back splash area and painting.

  22. nicki says

    We’re working on flooring for our entryway and living room. Would LOVE the Home Depot giftcard!

  23. Keli says

    I follow you on Pinterest but my account is temporarily locked because it was hacked so I can’t post a new favorite pin, but I do have pins from your site. :)

  24. Trilby says

    BONUS ANSWER: We’ve got a couple of projects in the works – finishing a cheap-as-we-can update to our kitchen, and adding the very last touches to installing laminate flooring in our upstairs hallway, bedrooms, and stairs.

  25. Keli says

    #5 I am currently remodeling my entire house. It is uninhabitable at the moment, but with the HomeDepot gift card I would be one floor closer to moving into my home!

  26. Kelly says

    current project is my kitchen, i’ve put in a glass tile backsplash and am finishing up a new paint job. Id love to paint the cabinets and redo the counter, but its just not in the cards right now.

  27. says

    I follow you on fb and pinterest. You have some great recipes I want to try. As for a project I am working on now? Painting my coffee table and end tables. The home depot card would be great to get the paint I need for these.

  28. Anne C says

    I am currently working on a master suite. My boys just helped me tear out a wall to the office to make it a bigger space and my sweet husband is getting ready to saw through concrete to put in a egressed window. Talk about dust. Ugh!!!! Next up is clean up.

  29. Laura Burton says

    Followed you on Pinterest and pinned how to make the butcherblock counter tops from hardwood floors!

  30. Laura Burton says

    We are working on MANY projects… kitchen backsplash, built-in book cases around our fireplace, tiling in front of our fireplace, and redoing our entry stairs (almost done…just need carpet runner!)

  31. Stephanie says

    I am working on prettying-up my patio! It’s so uninviting and I want to sit out there more! $100 from Home Depot would help with that!

  32. Sarah says

    I’m working on about a million different projects at any given time. Remodeling ADD for sure. Right now I’m tiling the shower, making Roman shades for the bedrooms, and doing crown moulding. I’ve got more tiling in my near future, though, so the gift card would still come in handy!

  33. Lori Riegelmann says

    Bonus question (answer) My husband and I are also working on our bathroom remodel. Thanks for all the inspiration. :)

  34. says

    If I win this gift card, I will finally be ABLE to do a project!! We are in a rental, and have a new baby, so our options and resources are limited, but I have big plans. $100 won’t go terribly far, but it should be enough to let me paint my kitchen and living room, get light kits and supplies to make a ceiling light for each room (it’s one of those old places that doesn’t have any built in lights except in the bathroom and hall), and get a welcome mat for the front and back doors. If there was anything left over, I would use it on other projects for those two rooms, depending on what is available at the store. I have more plans for these two rooms – including adding molding, bookshelves, new hardware to the cabinets, and getting a nice rug for the living room – but they will have to wait until I have a little more money. Thank you for offering this great giveway – I hope I win! :)

  35. audra says

    i’m following on pinterest and am pinning your floor. we need a new bathroom floor and i’m loving your light tile!

  36. Sharon says

    What project am I NOT working on? I have to paint 2 kid’s room, the master bedroom, and dining room, plus install 2 ceiling fans and possibly new hardwood flooring!

  37. audra says

    i just finished painting the counter in our laundry room. next project…oh, my, soo many to choose from!

  38. says

    1.Following on Pinterest
    2.Already following on RSS Feed
    3.Liked you on Facebook
    4.Following on Twitter
    5. Currently I am working on converting my Hubby’s Smelly & Yucky hunting room/closet in to our baby’s nursery and closet… she’s due in Oct.

    Great Giveaway!!!

  39. Anna says

    Bonus question – right now I’m working on getting boxes unpacked in our new house. But the bathrooms are ALL vinyl tile, so they need to be redone. The master is #1 on the list!

  40. Tina Freeberg says

    We are currently working on finishing our kitchen remodel and have only the floor left to do. was having a difficult time finding something that would to with two different wood floors that connect on 2 opposite sides of the kitchen. We found a great tile look that is going to be great. Can’t wait to put it in and start enjoying the project break for a little while.

  41. Melissa_TheHappierHomemaker says

    I’m a subscriber (now I have that Destiny’s Child survivor song in my head)

  42. Melissa_TheHappierHomemaker says

    I’m in the midst of redecorating our master bedroom and painting the powder room!

  43. MoeWest says

    I’m working on some furniture painting this summer when I can have the windows open. BTW, your Facebook links all take me to my FB home page not yours.

  44. Caryn says

    Want to start working on a tile backsplash. It sure would make my crazy boring all white kitchen way more attractive!

  45. Kimberly says

    Our current project is our entryway. Needs new paint, new trim, new light fixture, new tile and something on the walls to make it more inviting.

    • says

      Jenz, Actually it was a mis-mixed paint I bought about 5 years ago. So my suggestion is if you like the color you may have to get some sample cards and see if you can find a match… (I just moved, and i brought the paint lid with me… perhaps i will take it to a local paint store and see if i can get a recipe for it! Give me a week or two to find the “lid”)

  46. Jennifer C. says

    Following on Pinterest, Liked on Facebook, following on twitter, and already subscribed.

    Project: Everything in our small house, but mostly the bathroom

  47. Jenny G says

    We had to tear out the kids bathroom recently due to unplanned events. I love your bathroom floor and need ideas and love your blog.

  48. Heather Haugen says

    We recently re-did our upstairs bathroom. We still need cabinets/storage, though. A Home Depot gift card would be AMAZING!! :)

  49. Pam Eilts says

    Just finished one dog Silhouette and painting a headboard for my son’s room.

  50. Jenica says

    What project are we NOT working on would be a better question!

    We are working on: guest bath, play room, two different girls’s bedrooms, family room & dining. Waiting in the wings are: 3rd girl’s bedroom, dining room & master suite. Oy!

  51. says

    I follow you in rss google, pinterest, facebook and pinned you on my board. LOVE all that you do! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  52. Mary S says

    We are finishing a knockoff PB cameron toy storage and then we are going to attempt to tile our basement bathroom!

  53. says

    Bonus question: What aren’t we working on? Work on an old farmhouse is never done! The biggest current job is that my husband is repainting the exterior of the house. Luckily only one side needs it right now.

  54. Chris V says

    We are working on on our dining room. We currently have no flooring so the gift card would really come in handy :)

  55. Stacy M says

    I’m currently working on a deck project, a kitchen project & a master bedroom makeover. LOL!!!

  56. Jennifer H. says

    I’m folling you on twitter under
    jynn_ @ hotmail dot com
    and tweeted about the give-a-way!

  57. heather burdett says

    If i won, it would be used to help my mom retile her foyer. The tiles were pulled up for foundation inspection and she has not had to money for rwplacements.

  58. Aubrey says

    I am starting a complete master bathroom renovation – taking it down to the studs and starting over! I am stoked! Oh and a free $100 would be amazing! =)

  59. Ashley White says

    I’m working on my guest bathroom right now. We painted the walls this weekend and added beadboard wallpaper.

  60. says

    We are closing on our new “fixer upper” house NEXT WEEK and it needs work in EVERY room. First we’re tearing out the kitchen and remodeling it…then on to the other rooms! :)

  61. Ashley Hatten says

    Bonus question: we are currently working on our kitchen my husband is in the process of building a pantry. Thanks so much!

  62. Mallory Lange says

    We are working on our kitchen floor with a similar product from Home Depot, last weekend we tiled the foyer. So exciting!

    The bathroom looks great!!!

  63. says

    I already follow you on Pinterest, and pinned your tile make-over – love the colors and neutrals! I would love to do this in our master bath and hall bath!!
    Pinterest – DoodlebugBoutique

  64. says

    We are currently working on our “coffee” themed kitchen – and have been looking all over for the right modern tile glass backsplash that is shades of espresso/chocolate without any gold .. everything seems to have gold :(

  65. DAWN M says

    Liked on FB and pinned. Currently working on a studio over the garage and contemplating a whole house makeover!

  66. says

    My husband and I are working on opening up our second resale shop. We will be painting the floor in one of the main rooms rather than carpeting.

  67. Michelle H. says

    Bonus: We had indoor/outdoor carpeting on the back landing that leads to our backyard and basement. With three dogs, that carpet took a beating. We ripped it up this weekend and we’ll need to lay a subfloor and then I want to tile the floor to make cleanup easier. It looks like we’ll also need to paint the baseboards too.