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I think that with the recent storms on the American East coast, a think lot of us are a bit more thankful for the home we have, for power, food and heat.  We have been praying for those who are going without.

With the array of problems that have faced these Americans, and seeing the volunteers tirelessly working to help them.  It has reminded me that a lot of us rely on the people who work or volunteer for our communities.  Be it a fireman, policeman (or woman of course!) or the local community center that can shelter us during a storm.  There are so many wonderful community service helpers around that I would love to help out. 

I may not have thousands of dollars to donate, but luckily that won’t stop me from being able to nominate my local community center / firehouse to win a new IKEA® kitchen in the 2nd annual Rescue Remodel Contest

300X2501 Ikea Rescue Remodel Contest

They will do the hard work for me by outfitting a deserving community organization with a custom kitchen featuring everything from cabinets and appliances, to cookware and food storage. And since it’s all from IKEA®, it will be full of smart and innovative ideas to make their lives a little bit easier.

I hope that you all will take the chance to enter your local community center!  Just click over to the  Rescue Remodel Contest Facebook page to enter!  Thanks Everyone! 


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