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I have such a treat in store for you today!  I discovered a blog recently, and it’s full of pictures of sunshine-filled, colorful rooms.  I’ve asked the bloggers/homeowners for a virtual tour of their home, and you are all invited!

06 Hallway

Maybe it’s due to the gray, winter weather, but I’ve been craving spaces bright with natural light and happy colors.  Check out some of the rooms that I’ve been pinning, lately, and you’ll see what I mean.  (Links are below.)

Features 1&2 Features 3&4 Features 5&6

1. Bright Bedroom | 2.  Sunny Banquette | 3. Cozy Family Room | 4. Aqua Poppy Kitchen | 5. Colorful Sitting Area  | 6. Light Filled Living Room

Today’s guest bloggers are in the process of renovating an Edwardian era home in England.  That’s right, my fellow fans of all things Jane Austen, I said Edwardian era!  There’s nothing reserved or stuffy about the décor in this home, though.  It’s a beautiful blend of architectural history with modern design, casual comfort, and happy colors.  Enjoy the tour!

Submitted by:  Little House on the Corner

Hi, we are Christine & Jan. We are two DIY novices and just over two years ago we bought our first house in the north of England. We have been busy restoring, renovating and blogging about our adventures (and misadventures) ever since.

I couldn’t believe it when Cassity asked me to give you a tour of our Little House On The Corner. Needless to say we are excited and thrilled to be here!

This is our Little House On The Corner. We fell in love with our semi-detached home the very first time we saw it. It was in a bit of a state, but luckily we were able to see past the dodgy décor and dirt to realise that it could be our perfect home. The house has already undergone some big changes since we bought it in 2010 and we have many more projects and updates planned.

01 Outside02 House Number

03 Front Door


Our hallway is almost unrecognisable. Since moving in, we have completely stripped, sanded and restored the front door and staircase – everything used to be brown and green! Now the space is really light and clean.

04 Hallway

05 Hallway

06 Hallway

Although we still need some new furniture, the living room is one of our most finished rooms. We have new electrics and a new radiator, the floors have been sanded, the walls plastered, the fireplace has been reinstated and we even have new windows!

07 Living Room

08 Living Room

Except for the new light fittings, fireplace and shelving, not much has changed in the dining room. It still needs a complete overhaul, but for now it kind of works for us. We already owned all of the furniture and most of the colourful artwork, which makes the room personal to us. We would like to eventually knock down the wall that divides the kitchen and dining room. It will hopefully make the space feel much larger and more usable.

09 Dining Room10 Dining Room

11 Dining Room12 Dining Room

 Our kitchen is also pretty much unchanged. When we first moved in, it was indescribably dirty and took four full days of cleaning and scrubbing to get it even remotely clean. It’s still not great and is definitely on our list of more urgent updates!

13 Kitchen

14 Kitchen Spices

On the first floor we have four bedrooms. The fourth bedroom, that we use as an office is tiny. In general we like neutral and calming paint colours, but in our office we decided be daring and paint the room a dark blue colour. We love it. It’s such a small room, but the huge window makes it really bright. It’s probably my favourite room in the house, as it catches the sun for hours and, because we live on the corner, has a great view down the roads.

18 Office19 Office

Our 100 year old Edwardian home still has many of its beautiful period features intact, including ceiling covings, stained glass, amazingly high ceilings and the original fireplace in our bedroom that we have restored.

16 Bedroom

15 Master Bedroom

17 Master Bedroom

It’s unbelievable that a house with four bedrooms only has one tiny bathroom. We gave it a quick and cheap update when we moved in – there was carpet on the floor! We hope to completely renew the bathroom sometime early next year.

20 Bathroom

We still have a long way to go. Everything seems to be taking much longer than we originally anticipated, but we are finally starting to see some results. Our next big project will be converting our loft into an additional bedroom with en-suite shower room and a walk-in wardrobe. We definitely won’t be bored anytime soon!

Here are some of our favourite projects:

Master Bedroom Fireplace Restoration

Restoring Our Gable Over The Bay Window

Restoring Our Front Door

Living Room Fireplace

Bathroom Door Restoration

Thank you so much to Cassity and Justin at Remodelaholic, for letting us share our adventure here! We feel honoured to be featured on such an amazing blog!

Thanks for sharing your house with us, Christine and Jan!  We can tell you’ve worked hard, and the results of your labor are just beautiful.

If you have a house that you’d like to let us tour, click here to submit it for consideration.  If you’d like to take a few more tours featured here at Remodelaholic, click on the links below.

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