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Christmas Printable by Paperelli @Remodelaholic
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Thanksgiving Leftover Printables from Elegance & Enchantment for Remodelaholic

Chevron Fabric Headboard – Beautiful Master Bedroom

remodelaholic-remodeling-master-bedroom-chevron-style-fabric-headboard-awesome-cool-cute (570x263)

        Submitted By: Take Off Your Coat and Stay Awhile... The week we moved in we painted most of the downstairs thanks to the help from a few friends and because we were trying to paint before the movers arrived with all of our furniture. We decided to hold off on … Read More...

For Sale By Owner 77: Shop Link Up

Hand embroidered Christmas stockings made from vintage linens

With Christmas around the corner, these lovely stockings hung in a row had me at hello.... They come from one of my recent Etsy shop discoveries, a spot filled with gift ideas that are handmade from vintage linens.  Better yet, at Polka Dots + Blooms, all the pretty products can be personalized … Read More...

Bathroom Gut and Reveal

remodelaholic-remodeling-bathroom-gut-tile-tan (570x260)

          …

12 Days of Paper Christmas Decorations & Remodelaholic’s Anonymous 97


- Be sure to link up your project below! I thought this week for my 12 step post would be fun to show you 12 paper Christmas decorations. there is a link to the tutorials under each picture!   Day 1  /  Day 2   … Read More...

Black Friday Shopping Guide

Black Friday Shopping List Free Printable

Hola Remodelaholic-ers! It's me Madaline and I'm so glad to be back at Remodelaholic with ANOTHER free printable!  I write the blog  "designer. wife. regular person.", and I'm the designer/creator of Paper Clouds! Can you BELIEVE there is only one week until Thanksgiving?  Have you started … Read More...

Easy Blackberry Pie Recipe


-   Growing up, every summer we would go pick blackberries in a wild patch a few miles from my home.  It wasn't always the best experience, we had to be up at dawn, before the heat, we got all sorts of scratches (the weren't the thorn-less variety) and there were spiders... This one … Read More...

Fabulous New Wainscoting Design

remodelaholic-remodeling-master-bedroom-wainscotting-red (570x280)

Submitted By: This Home Of Ours   This is our bedroom (before). We changed out the chandelier when we moved in but we love the painted ceiling and the wall color. But now we want some wall molding done in this area.  A fabulous new wainscoting design! We picked a pattern to try … Read More...

Reality Check… Blogger Mom Style.


- You all probably get sick of my inconsistency with blogging, and I apologize.   I kinda wanted to just chat about that subject, since it has been on my mind a lot lately, not a clear train of thought by any means, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo that has been swimming in my brain for … Read More...