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Kid’s Fabric Tee-Pee Tutorial!



Beautiful Trellis Walls

trellis wall

Submitted By: Watch Me Daddy Baby girl's nursery is finally DONE!  What a relief.  There's something so comforting about knowing we have a place to put baby when she arrives.  Even if she doesn't have a name... at least she has a place to sleep and be fed and loved and cuddled!  Who really needs a … Read More...

Creating A Unique Home

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Submitted By: Crafty Texas Girls When it comes to home décor, I have become a bit obsessed. For years I didn’t really pay much attention to all the details that go into a well-dressed home. Maybe it was because I was busy working full-time or it could have been because I was pre-occupied with being … Read More...

Just In Time! $50 AmEx Card Giveaway from UPS…and a Winner!


I'm excited to share an awesome giveaway with you, this week, sponsored by UPS My Choice.  And we have a ladder winner!  Keep reading to find out more... December is definitely a time for giving and receiving.  With faraway family and friends and the ease of online shopping, I--like most of … Read More...

A Rug Story


The Big Rug Switcheroo! A week or so ago we had our living room mood board party hop.  I decided to try making a mood board for our family room.  That way I would have more of an actual plan, instead of winging it so much.  Considering some of the recent changes having a plan really helped.  And … Read More...

New Look for the Dining Room

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  …

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Beach Condo Renovation; Before and After

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