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Birch House LIving Room 014
Cleaning with Scotts Outdoor Oxiclean cleaner (26 of 30)
MyQ Garage App in Hand Photo
HOw to install a new showerhead Moen Magnetix-3600
Sauder Table staging (10) small
Rudolph Faux Embroidery Art Tutorial by @Remodelaholic-2573-2
Free Ballerina Doll Pattern by @Remodelaholic-0773
Sherwin-Williams Coral Reef Painted Console Table @Remodelaholic-020
Living Room update-7
Painting a Cinder block fence @Remodelaholic (13 of 23)

Old Window Accessory Holder

old window accessory holder


Regain Some Sanity via Closet Organizers


It’s the morning routine pitfall we’ve all experienced one too many times. I’m running late and somehow, the car keys, one shoe, and my jacket all seem to be missing at the same time. I could swear that I put my keys down right by the kitchen counter. No? Maybe on my vanity? Oh, it’s probably … Read More...

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies Recipe


At church on Sunday we had a potluck and someone (thanks Sydny) brought no bake cookies.  They were good.  So, I have been thinking about them ever since…not so good since I started working out yesterday… but oh well, I still thought it would be fun to share with you the recipe I like to make.   I … Read More...

Antique Step Ladder Building Plans

Antique step ladder building plans


Got An Hour? Quick Design Updates!

Beautiful living room design inspiration

When it comes to home improvement there seem to be two factors that are always on your mind money and it’s sidekick time.  Well, budgets are budgets and everyone’s is different, but all of us are limited to 24 hours in the day.  And if you are busy most of the time, then it can often feel like … Read More...

Real Rooms for Real Kids

designing kids rooms


Beach Cottage Remodel: Before & After

beach cottage kitchen feature


Bathroom Update: Gray Walls and Red Accent Colors

bathroom update vanity shelves