10 Great Recycled and Upcycled Projects

thrifted built-in bookcases

The Amazing Things You Can Do with Salvaged Wood


Repurposing an Old Shutter Into a Bathroom Counter

Using an antique shutter as a couter top

Fishbone Chair Project Plans and Tutorial


Built in Banquette from Recycled Cabinet

built in bench banquette tutorial

Recycling Glass Insulators Into Pendant Light

glass insluator pendant lights

Neirmann Weeks Lighting Look Alike DIY

From Crib to Plate Rack; Up-cycle project

DIY Serving Tray From Old Cabinet Door

Feeling Spindle-y, Re-purpose, Guest

Clearly Awesome; Recycled Window Greenhouse; Guest

Window to your Stuff; Window re-use

glass windows and cabinet doors recycle project

Get off the Bench! Headboard Projects

headboards to bench

Surprising Find; Sewing Machine Drawer

decorative box idea