100+ Stylish 2×4 Projects You Can Totally Do!

If you’ve got the DIY builder’s bug, we’ve got tons of ideas for you!  2×4’s (and other structural lumber) are great to build with because they’re easily acquired, come in all different lengths to suit your needs, are sturdy and inexpensive!  Whether you’re a first time builder or a woodworking pro, there are so many great things you can make for your home, yard, kids and more!  We’ve sorted our top picks into the number of boards you’ll need for each project to help with easy perusal.  For each build you’ll need the specified 2×4 lumber and perhaps one or two other materials (like plywood or lumber of other sizes).  Find this weekend’s 2×4 projects right here!

100+ Stylish 2x4 Projects you can totally do! Tables, chairs, doors and so much more out of structural lumber featured on Remodelaholic.com

100+ Stylish 2×4 Projects You Can Totally Do!

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5 Board Projects

Five Board Projects

With five boards, your project pool expands into beds and extra large dining tables!



West Elm Inspired Patio Table // Effie Row

IMG 9826b Zps2ad55c87

Sofa Table // Bower Power


Mid-Century Modern Bed // Effie Row


Giant Jenga // Lemon Thistle

6 Board Projects

Six Board Projects

A small shed for firewood? Check!  You could also build a mini couch, a rolling kitchen cart or some sawhorses to help you KEEP building more 2×4 projects!


Wood Storage Shed Vertical

Wood Storage Shed // Pretty Handy Girl

Stacked Sawhorses

Stackable Sawhorses // My Repurposed Life

DIY Farmhouse Bench Final

Farmhouse Bench // Love Grows Wild

DIY Outdoor Bench From 2x4s

Double X Bench // Her Tool Belt

2x4 Console Table Hertoolbelt Vert

Console Table // Her Tool Belt

Desk Real 1

Workbench Inspired Desk // DIY Done Right


Kitchen Cart // More Like Home

Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa 1

Kids’ Couch // Ana White

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In this post:

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