20+ Fantastic DIY 2×4 Shelving Ideas

Awhile back, we spent a whole week talking about how 2×4 and other structural lumber can be a great material for building all sorts of things since it’s so sturdy and inexpensive.  Shelving is a big part of this! Storage shelves for a garage or basement can be left plain and simple, but there are also tons of ways to dress 2×4’s and other 2x lumber up.  You can create large shelving units or decorative pieces for your home and get a lot of bang for your buck.  Check out all these great shelves we found that are built with 2x4s and other 2x structual lumber, and before you start building, read these tips for selecting and working with 2x4s. 

2x4 Shelves

DIY 2×4 Shelving Tutorials

Storage Shelves

Ana White has plans for some super simple storage shelves that would be great in a garage. // Garage Shelving // Ana White


9ba975ba42c823ad7dc981a501e336d9Add some plywood and your 2×4 shelves get extra sturdy!  You can store lots of heavy items in the basement or garage this way. // Easy Storage Shelf // DIY Design Fanatic


Ef63089eaa9f346388b33789a3ef7ac5Here’s a smaller version of the simple 2×4 storage shelves that would be great as a space saver.  Create and Babble used it for painting supplies. //  Small Space Storage Shelf // Create and Babble


490497c38f9190b136baa6d3609eba31With some heavy duty brackets, you know this shelf is going to hold up under pressure! // Heavy Duty Shelving Unit // Sweet Pea


8590ae697d83caa8e6ec3383f50b9210This is a great idea for making the most out of every nook and cranny!  With 2×4 shelving built into the corner, you can make sure no precious garage storage space is wasted. // Corner Storage Shelf // Kenarry



Shelving Units from 2x4s and other 2x lumber

7b0e13a8afd187a64ac8c9faa457b93bThese console shelves look like they came straight from the showroom!  Fortunately, you’ll save big bucks by making them instead… // Console Cubby Shelves // Ana White


Ada34434b47af35d76e670f535c13051The copper peg supports make this minimalist 2×4 shelving pop in an amazing way.  // Copper Peg Shelves // Vintage Revivals


9411032ed87d6c96b51433e13a2763d4You can create a rustic look using 2x wood in any width you’d like along with pipe!  Customize your wall unit in an inexpensive way.  // Industrial Rustic Shelving Unit // Sylvie Liv


6bcd4dd4ef0cbc360a2b0dd14d07bca6This cute ladder shelf is perfect for displaying well-loved items or holiday vignettes.  It’s modern and simple design would work in so many settings.  // Ladder Shelf // A Pair and A Spare


2e48c327227e132c3fcaed5bd5e880d2Making some floating box shelves is easier than you’d think, and they look awesome in a study or office!  // Floating Box Shelf Unit // Keys to Inspiration


07bd374f21b165de0acff869c0c1e142Rolling 2×4 shelving can be pushed out of the way when needed – it’s a great solution in a space that pulls double duty.  // Rolling Industrial Farmhouse Pantry Shelf // The Weathered Fox


7da06aabf7006a8e284dd448368e6368A smaller bookcase is great for a kids room, and with 2×4’s you can make it super sturdy to withstand childhood troublemaking!  //  Industrial Bookcase // Little House of Four



Ledge Shelves

3f9aecd3a9f2acb2da4b77fb2507fcb32×4 shelving can be classic, like this ledge which is perfect for dishes, framed photos or other heirlooms.  // Simple Ledge Shelf // Christina’s Adventures


E50f55fe4dafcbd6cde914482e9e5b82If you’re worried about space, but miss the functionality of a sofa table, just build a ledge shelf to slip behind it!  // Behind the Couch Ledge // Effie Row


F533fbc33c9bf71f88a405d881d1c662 Pipe and board shelves are super popular, are inexpensive to create and can solve storage issues in a variety of spaces.  // Simple Industrial Pipe Ledge // DIY Playbook


Cfa2b06baf77c1494850641c9524116cIf your plants need a space of their own, making a cute shelf for them to sun themselves on is a great idea.  //  Plant Stand Ledge // Shabby Grace



Small Decorative Shelves

C4d2671dacbc4f38ac4d2533e2f5fe43Free up some space on the counter by making this super easy over oven shelf.  So handy!  //  Oil and Vinegar Shelf (space saver) // Over the Big Moon


970cd57596c68e014766438ac4e1e862Using pipes and boards in different lengths and configurations adds visual interest.  The pipe bar is great for hanging hooks and other items.  //  Pipe and Wood Bookshelves // Craft Thyme


74dc19421ec6b19a0ceed86eca3beb84You could have this cute shelf up and ready to go in just a few minutes!  What a cute addition to a bathroom or entryway!  // Easy Rope Shelf // Burkatron


C47f12199fc942e4d9f6f29c2887e484This cute shelf would be perfect for a nursery, kids’ room or playroom to store lots of tiny treasures.  // Dollhouse Shelf // Dukes and Duchesses


Bdd748590f9a151891fd714a3c983ad1What’s not to LOVE about this adorable shelf??  Room for books, photos and knickknacks. // LOVE Shelf // Crafting It Myself


C1af772c70effab4c63649ef3ef43917And along that same line, here’s another cute word shelf.  Now the wheels are turning for all the other words you could turn into shelves!  // HOME Shelf // Diva of DIY

More DIY shelves:

20 Beautiful DIY Shelving Ideas Remodelaholic diy shelving ideas from Remodelaholic.com #diy #shelves #organize #storage #buildit

Be sure to check out these other great 2×4 builds, and the awesome things you can make for outdoors with 2×4’s and structural lumber!

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