20 Gorgeous Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are such a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays. We have searched high and low to find the most beautiful trees to share.

After you decorate the tree, why not build some other Christmas tree inspired projects. Like these: rustic herringbone tree, pallet wood tree, wood triangle tree, 3D wood trees, and ornament display tree.

Diy Christmas Tree Decor Tutorial

Christmas maybe a bit away, but now is the perfect time to start shopping for a new Christmas tree. You can research, measure and decide just what you need before the selection gets picked over or sold out! Here are our favorite unlit and pre-lit artificial Christmas trees to buy and we will show you how to easily decorate it once you have it!

To Buy

This post contains affiliate links for artificial Christmas trees to buy for your convenience. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here. If you can’t see these images it may be your ad blocker (you might need to disable it), or you can check out the list below..

  1. Snow Green Pine – Wayfair
  2. Green Spruce with lights – Wayfair
  3. Newbury Spruce with lights – Wayfair
  4. Small Aspen Spruce with colored lights – Wayfair
  5. Nordic Spruce  with lights – Wayfair
  6. Dunhill Fir Pre-Lit – Amazon
  7. North Valley Spruce – Amazon
  8. Prince Flocked – Amazon
  9. Downswept Douglas Fir – Amazon
  10. Kay Green Fir – Wayfair
  11. Mixed Country Pine – Wayfair
  12. Mountain Pine Flocked – Walmart
  13. Virginia Pine – Target
  14. Pre-lit Douglas Fir – Target
  15. Aspen Pine – Michael’s
  16. Pre-lit Jasper – Michael’s
  17. Willow Pine – Michael’s
  18. Newberry Spruce – Michael’s
  19. Full Alberta Spruce – Target
  20. Balsam Fir – Target

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more artificial Christmas trees to buy.

Ideas for Decorating

Each year we love to pick a theme and decorate our artificial Christmas tree, we have done elegant, rustic and a little bit of everything. Use our past trees as inspiration and ideas for your tree decor this year!

  1. Gold and Blue Tree Decor
  2. Blue, Pink, and Gold Nutcracker Tree
  3. Wintery White and Silver Tree
  4. Woodland Decorated Tree
  5. How to Decorate a Tree by Sincerely, Sara D. for Remodelaholic
  6. Elegant Christmas Tree
  7. Red, White, and Light Blue Tree by Sawdust2Stitches for Remodelaholic

Decorating Tips

We have so much fun decorating each year and we have a few tips to share here, but if you want more visit the ideas above for more in depth tips.

  • Pick a theme. Plan a theme around colors, styles, a movie, etc. There are so many ways to theme a tree, but the key is to pick one and run with it. We’ve done color themes, rustic style themes, and more.
  • Don’t break the bank. We love to hit the dollar store early in the season to find ornaments and other tree decorating supplies that fit our theme before they get to picked over. Start checking now.
  • Pay attention to the details. A good mix of sizes, shapes, and colors within your theme can really help balance out your tree.

Here are a couple of examples of trees we’ve decorated in the past!

Blue and Gold Dollar Store Christmas Tree Under 50 @Remodelaholic 1

This was a fun blue and gold theme!

White And Silver Dollar Store Christmas Tree @Remodelaholic

Or go for a more monochromatic look with a silver and white winter theme.

Cassity Remodelaholic Nutcracker Themed Christmas Tree In Blue Gold And Pink On A White Tree Remodelaholic 768x576

This was a really fun Nutcracker inspired tree! We used ornaments that went along with the Nutcracker story.

Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree Tutorial Remodelaholic

Another fun theme that used a variety of textures to create a beautiful woodland tree theme.

What theme are you hoping to use this year to decorate your Christmas tree???

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