25 Beautiful Examples of Colored Trim

Who says you need boring trim?  Why not paint it a bright exciting accent color? These painted trim ideas will help your imagination go wild!

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Who said trim has to be white? Painted trim in a bold color can be a great way to achieve an unique look. Check out these 25 rooms with colored trim! 25 Beautiful Examples of Colored Trim via @tipsaholic #colorful #trim #baseboards #home

25 Beautiful Examples of Colored Trim

Who said trim had to be white?

Colored trim can be a great way to achieve an unique look for a special room or even your whole house.

This look is perfect for rooms with white walls and amazing molding, so if you have these two features in your home, you should definitely consider painting your trim a color other than white.

The best part of this interior design style of using trim colors is that paint colors don’t matter. You can literally paint your moldings any color you love which you will see with the fabulous inspiration images below.

You can achieve a classic look with contrasting trim in black or gray, or try different shades like coral or yellow trim paint colors for a lot of bright popping color.

Soft Blue Trim and Wainscot

2 Blue Trim Bathroom Colored Trim White Walls 110819

For example, this bathroom is already beautiful with its marble tile, free-standing tub, and gorgeous plumbing fixtures, but the blue color on all the molding and panels brings this room to a whole other level.

The soft blue grabs your attention and you can’t help but check out all the beautiful trimwork in the room. That bathroom just wouldn’t be the same with white trim and moldings.

Robin Egg Blue Trim with Cream Walls

3 Light Blue Trim With Cream White Walls 110811

Here’s another space, this time a sitting room, that is made more alluring with the help of a soft blue color on the trim and moldings.

Did you notice how the soft blue color on the trim in the sitting room is identical to the blue color on the walls in the living room next to it? What a great way to unify the two spaces. The crown molding in this room is spectacular and that is a detail that would be easily overlooked if it was painted white.

Black Trim, Built-ins and Doors For High Contrast

4 Black Trim White Walls High Contrast Painted Trim Ideas 110804

This entryway is tall, dark, and handsome thanks to the black trim, ceiling, paneling, built-ins, and doors. But it doesn’t feel dark and gloomy at all, thanks to the white walls.

Dark Charcoal Grey Trim on Cream Walls

5 Charcoal Gray Trim Creamy White Walls 110824

Here’s another good example how great trimwork can look when painted in a dark color. The trim, paneling, and ceiling coffers of this dining room are painted a dark gray, drawing your eye to all the excellent trimwork.

The room is styled very simply, which allows the trimwork to truly shine.

Trim and Cabinetry in Soft Green

Green Cabinetry Emilyjenkinsfollowill1 (1) 110438

Emily Followill

When your built-ins are painted a fun color, it’s a great idea to also paint your trim the same color for continuity and greater impact. This desk area in a kitchen is so beautifully unique thanks to the green color of the cabinets, desk, shelves, floor trim, and window trim.

Contrasting Accent Trim in Black

Black Trim Columns 113420

You don’t have to paint all the trimwork in a room, though. If you only want to highlight a special feature in your home, paint only that area a contrasting color. For example, this entryway is made special with the black paint on the arch and columns, while the rest of the trimwork in the space is left white (except for the window on the right). The painted archway frames the other room, inviting you to walk in there.

Highlight Interesting Details in Contrasting Colored Trim

6 Gray Trim Door Highlighting Intersting Shaped Entry Door 110530

The dark gray trim highlights the unique shape of the front door in this entryway. Also, note that the rest of the trim in the room isn’t painted, which puts all the focus on the door. However, the crown molding and trim in the next room have been painted the same dark gray, which nicely frames the entryway when you’re standing in the other room.

Turquoise Trim and Cabinetry with Cream Walls

7 Sawyer Berson Teal And Rust Kitchen E1413178132670 110533

Sawyer Berson

It’s amazing to see how much of an impact colored trim can have on a room. You could go big and paint all the cabinets, doors, and trim in your kitchen a bold turquoise color…

High Contrast Black Trim

8 Black Trim Windows And Doors In Dining Room 110501

Or paint all the trim in your dining room a cool black color.

Dark Grey Trim to Highlight Details

9 City Mcdougald Residence Linda Mcdougald Design Postcard From Paris Home Img~d571752f00255b42 8 9732 1 Bd7a7fb 110419

All the dark gray trimwork in this room highlight the beautiful trim, crown molding, mantel, built-ins, and the gorgeous french doors. The light-colored furniture, artwork, and textiles compliment the dark trim perfectly.

Wood Trim For Warmth

Wood Trim Idea
Photo Credit: Eve Wilson.

Don’t’ overlook the idea of keeping the trim a natural wood tone. From natural oak to maple, and walnut, the wood stain choice doesn’t matter. Pick a tone you love (and bonus it doesn’t HAVE to match the floors like shown above)

This simple living room corner is striking with the woodwork detail. The crisp white walls, with wood trim details are popular choices, that are easy to make. See the full house design on The Design Files.

Bright Coral Trim Work For High Energy

10 Traditional Living Room With Bright Rspberry Colored Trimwork 110355

If you love color, you’ll love this amazing living room with the raspberry trimwork! Now, this is a room that your guests won’t soon forget. The two pink chairs and the pink pillows work well with the colored trim, but everybody knows who is the true star of this room.

Orange and Blue Complimentary Color Scheme

11 Orange Trim Living Room Blue Walls Complimentary Colored Trim And Colored Walls 110359

Check out another happy room, complete with orange window trim and crown molding! The orange trim looks great with the wall color of light blue walls and the colored trim sets the mood for the room, which is fun and happy with the addition of the disco ball light fixture, the graphic rug, and the colorful art. Click through to see the rest of the room with all of its beautiful painted trimwork.

Cobalt Blue Trim

Blue Painted Window Trim In A Kitchen Domino 110425

This gorgeous bright kitchen is so enlivened by this bright cobalt blue painted window frame. picking up some of the accent color in the tile, This cheerful pace makes me wish I had some dishes to wash!

Bright Intense Blue Trim and Wallpaper

12 Vivide Turquoise Painted Trim Blue Trim Wallpaper 110403

Colored trim works very well in bedrooms, too. Designer Andrew Howard painted the trim in this bedroom a vivid blue that perfectly matches the wallpaper.

Great Green Accent Trim with Wallpaper

13 Green Colored Trim Wallpaper Bedroom 110410

The same treatment is given to this bedroom, with the green trim perfectly matching the graphic trellis wallpaper.

Soft Pink Trim in Feminine Room

14 Pink Trim Little Girls Bedroom Idea 110447

Here’s another bedroom by Andrew Howard, this time a girly bedroom with pink trim in the exact same shade as the pink lamp. Note the pink door and door casing in the reflection in the mirror!

Bright Punchy Pink Modern Trim

14 Pink Trim Girls Shared Bedroom Modern Aesthetic 110506

Pink trim is unexpectedly elegant and perfect for girls’ bedrooms! Check out this girls’ room decked out with pink trim, designed by Natalie Clayman. The pink rug works so well with the colored trim.

Vibrant Bright Yellow Trim For A Pop of Color

16 Bright Trim Yellow Trim Kids Room 110451

Colored trim works so well in kids bedrooms; here’s another example of a fun kids’ room with the trimwork painted a vibrant yellow hue. Since kids’ tastes change so fast, it might be a little easier to paint only the trim when they decide they love a different color than repainting all the walls or buying all new furniture.

Modern Yellow Trim in Dining Room

17 The New Farmhouse Hendricks Churchill Img~bac1dd7c02c78b65 8 9068 1 Cd2d686 Modern Aesthetic 110520

And here’s another example of a room with yellow trim, this time a dining room.

Soft Blue-Grey Trim With Wood Accents

18 Robin Egg Blue Trim And Cream Walls The New Farmhouse Hendricks Churchill Img 110444

In the same house, a simply decorated bedroom is made more beautiful with a soft blue color on the door and window trim, baseboards and crown molding.

Coordinated Trim and Accent Furniture Color

19 Grey Trim Master Suite Redesign Home Llc Img~ 110350

You could paint your trimwork and doors the same color as your bed and rug for a soft soothing effect.

Soft Warm Gray Trim with Cream Walls

20 Light Grey Bestumveien Acr Villa Skovly Img~9721b3e800ffdf72 8 2305 1 Df7be67 110415

A soft gray color on the trim pairs beautifully with the off-white walls in this serene bedroom. Having both the light walls and light trim, still with contrast keeps the feeling of this room light and comfortable.

Striking Black Trim in Modern Bathroom

21 Modern Bathroom Black Trim Mirror Door 110434

Smaller spaces, like bathrooms, can look more interesting with darker trim. This bathroom is just stunning with the trim and door frames painted black. The sleek black mirror fits in perfectly with the black trim.

2 Toned Trim

22 Gray Crown Molding And Walls Above Paneling 110457

You can play with how you want to paint the trim and the walls in your home. Paint in a way that highlights what is unique and beautiful in your spaces. For example, the crown molding and the walls in this hallway are painted a soft gray, while the paneling, door trim, and floor trim are painted white. This paint job shows off all the different trimwork in the space.

No Distinction between Wall and Trim; All color

Lonny MRS Studio 12 06 13 345

And this bedroom is painted a bright seafoam green, including all the walls trimwork and built-ins for a cohesive look that is bold and distinctive.

Dark Walls and Trim Throughout

Studiomcgee McGeeOffice 005 Scaled

Here’s another gorgeous example of a room that’s all painted in one deep color this office by Studio McGee, with its walls, crown molding, wall molding and built-ins painted a single color unifies the room, and keeps it moody and beautiful. The natural wood pairs beautifully with the dark walls.

What do you think of these interior trim ideas? Will you be painting the trim work in a room of your home anytime soon? If you have lots of light, beautiful and chunky trim work and crown moldings, windows with thick trim and mullions, and high ceilings, colored trim would look great in your home!

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Featured and title image via Better Homes and Gardens.

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