45 DIY Painted Curtain Styles

45 DIY Painted Curtains and Tutorials via Remodelaholic.com #AllThingsWindows #paint #curtains #DIY

Paint is one of our favorite ways to give something a brand new look. Designer curtains set you back a pretty penny, but so many of the designs that are popular right now are so easy to do yourself (either with some simple dropcloth curtains or with a basic pair of curtain panels). So we collected our favorite DIY painted curtain designs to get you started saving money while making your windows beautiful!

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DIY Painted Curtains

We’ll get to all the fun patterns you can paint on curtains, but first things first: choose your weapon, er, paint of choice. You can use latex paint like I did on Etta’s confetti polka dot drapes:

confetti drapes tutorial polka dot drapes girls bedroom window coverings window panels (19)

or you can use fabric paint (by From Gardners 2 Bergers, here on Remodelaholic)

damask stenciled curtains - featured on Remodelaholic

or turn craft paint into fabric paint with a textile medium (from Our Fifth House)

Our Fifth House - acrylic painted stenciled curtains - via Remodelaholic

You can also use chalk paint (via Perfectly Imperfect)

Perfectly Imperfect - diy striped painted curtains with chalk paint - via Remodelaholic

or even spray paint! (Yes, Life on Mars really spray painted her curtains!)

Life On Mars - spray painted fabric curtains - via Remodelaholic

You can also use paint pens like you can find at your local craft store (by The DIY Show Off)

DIY Showoff - handwritten script diy curtains - via Remodelaholic

Or you can dye your curtains, dip-dye style, like Vitamini Handmade:

Vitamini Handmade - diy dip dyed curtains - via Remodelaholic

and Nalle’s House (at 4 men 1 lady)

Nalle's House on 4men1lady - dip dyed ombre curtains - via Remodelaholic

or use the dye to freehand paint on the drapery panels, like shown here (have your Google translate ready :).

Plumetis Magazine - hand painted curtains using dye - via Remodelaholic

Obviously, each paint method has pros and cons and can make for a different look, so now let’s look over some different styles of painted curtains.

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page 1: Painted Curtains Basics
page 2: Striped, Chevron, and Herringbone Painted Curtains
page 3: Geometric and Stamped Curtains
page 4: Stenciled and Freehand Painted Curtains

45 DIY Painted Curtains and Tutorials via Remodelaholic.com #AllThingsWindows #paint #curtains #DIY

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