Air Popped Popcorn in a Brown Bag!

I will admit I have been on a popcorn kick the last few days… but with good reason, and I promise that I will share the fruits of my labor in a few days and you won’t be disappointed…


But for now, did you know that you can pop your own oil free air popped microwaved popcorn with two simple things?  Yep that is right no extra appliances with only one purpose taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen.… (like I talked about here)


airpopped microwave popcorn

It is so easy to do, and would be fun to do with your kids, cuz really isn’t popping popcorn just kind of fun all around… there is just something magical about that first pop, and watching the bag fill all up from seemingly nothing.  (Wow, I didn’t know this post was going to get so deep…. it’s just microwaved popcorn for goodness sake!)


Air Popped Microwave Popcorn

1 Brown Paper Lunch Bag

3 Tablespoons Popcorn Kernels

(yep that is it)

Assemble the equipment and ingredients… (Gee! that was hard!)


Measure the kernels (to make it faster I just filled my 1/4 cup about 3/4 of the way full… cuz as we learned when I shared the free cooking conversion chart printable there are 4 Tablespoons in a 1/4 cup)IMG_1957

Open up your bag and pour in the kernels.

IMG_1963  IMG_1967


Now fold the top of your bag closed. I just folded 1/2 inch over once then again and finally folded that fold in half… that way the bag doesn’t pop open… I have heard you can tape it, by why add the tape!  (besides you can reuse the bag if you want)

IMG_1970  IMG_1972


Place in the microwave (and p.s. thanks for the motivation to wipe out the crud that was in there!) I laid mine on its side, otherwise it will just fall over while it is popping.


And here is where the magic happens… set the timer for 1 minute 30 seconds, and start any longer and it will start to burn… definitely not more that 1:40

(Here I am waving Hi in the reflection! – Luckily my reflection is perfectly hiding the dishes in the sink and it is even better that you can’t see the laundry in piles all over the front room… that have maybe been there for a few days or practically all week..!)


Remove from the microwave… it will be hot, but not as bad as the oil soaked store bought bags….



Add salt if you wanna…ENJOY!

I will be back later with the naughty option for making this popcorn even better…

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  1. I just found this site, and I am so looking forward to “the naughty”, but how will I know when it’s posted ? Someone help me please, I don’t want to miss it !!! Thanks

  2. Oh DEAR!

    You should not make popcorn in a paper bag!!! It works, but they are not made to cook in and are not food safe!! Chemicals are omitted during cooking. I would never do this! Beware!


    1. Shelley, Paper lunch bags are already meant to come in contact with foods, hot or cold. If they contained anything toxic, the FDA would already have sounded the alarm about their intended use. — they should be fine, I would however maybe stay away from recycled bags for this purpose.

  3. Is it possible to increase the amount of kernals or does that mess things up? I need to make many many batches for an upcoming VBS and it looked like there was space in the bag in the after photo…

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