25 Awesome Built-In Beds and Bed Nooks

Next up in the Headboard Week lineup: our favorite built-in beds and bed nooks!

25 Awesome Built-In Beds and Bed Nooks | @Remodelaholic #bed #bedroom #nook #renovate #guest #kids

25 Awesome Built-In Beds and Bed Nooks

Are you tired of your bland, boring bedroom? Or do you have a guest room that you would be embarrassed to offer to your guests?? Turn that guest room into a space you’d love to show off! Mix up that so often standard and uninspiring space with some of these fun and creative ideas. Add a built-in bed and cabinets, or create a cozy bed nook in your attic. Check out these inspiring bedrooms, and you’ll be itching to do some bedroom renovation of your own!

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This shared bedroom features beautiful built-in beds AND bookshelves! Houzz on Remodelaholic


 A nook in this elegant bedroom allows for plenty of space for a sitting area. Carter and Company Interior Design


 Love the utilization of this space beneath the stairs from Homemade in Heaven.


 The built-in beds in this sunny shared bedroom provide unique storage solutions as well as style! Better Homes and Gardens


  What better way to cordon off a bed nook and create privacy than with curtains? AP 903


 Talk about every sports lover’s dream bedroom! Check out the built-ins in this bedroom from Home Designing, featured on Remodelaholic


 This nook from Better Homes and Gardens uses that wall space to the max with the fun map mural.


And here’s one for the girls. This cute hanging loft bed featured on Remodelaholic creates a fun space below!


This cozy bed nook from We Heart It makes the most of this small space. Love the vibrant colors, too!


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