Benjamin Moore Newburg Green; Paint Color Spotlight

Newburg Green From Benjamin Moore. Gorgeous Accent Color.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green, is a great shade of teal. It’s dark, vibrant, and really stands out – perfect for an accent wall or an upcycled piece of furniture.

Hi Remodelaholics! It’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back with my monthly paint color pick.  If you missed my last post, you can find my Color Spotlight on a beautiful neutral paint called Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore here.

Today, I’m doing another Color Spotlight but I also wanted to use today’s color, Newburg Green, to talk to you guys a little about lighting and how it can impact a paint color.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

 Newburg Green from Benjamin Moore is one of those fun and beautiful accent colors.  It’s becoming a very popular accent wall and furniture because it’s a near perfect rich teal color that just pops when painted next to white.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

While Newburg is a great color, this is one of those colors that a little goes a long way, which is why it’s being used so much on just on accent walls or on a piece of furniture.

That deep and rich teal color can instantly add depth and character to any space, especially like I mentioned with crisp white close by.

Wall Color Is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green. Color Spotlight On Remodelaholic

via Sheep + Stone Interiors

When you consider complex rich colors like Newburg Green Benjamin Moore, or other colors that have multiple undertones, lighting can become a big issue and greatly alter the color once it’s on the wall.

I think we have all been there. We think we’ve picked out our ideal accent color and then it gets on the wall and we scratch our head because it’s not even close to the color on the card.

Wall Color Is Newburg Green. Color Spotlight On Remodelaholic

via Kristina Crestin

Lighting can be either your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to picking out just the right color.

Newburg Green is one of those colors that could greatly change depending on your lighting situation.  So be aware with richer hues such as this you want to understand the lighting.

Wall Color Is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green.

via Acquire

While testing and sampling a paint color on a large poster board is always the best way to start, you can quickly make decisions and eliminate colors by simply knowing that a lot of natural light will make a color lean cooler, and a lot of artificial light in a space will make a color lean warmer.

Wall Color Is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green. Color Spotlight Remodelaholic

via Sheep + Stone

If the space is a mix of natural and artificial light, you’ll want to consider it for sampling and paint a poster board to see exactly what it will do.

Particularly, in the case of Newburg Green, a lot of natural light will make this look blue, rather than teal and in spaces with very little natural and more artificial, Newburg will look green.  In spaces with mixed lighting, chances are the color will be ideal and that rich teal color that we’re looking for and as seen in these beautiful spaces.

If you’re choosing a paint color for a bathroom or laundry room with no natural light (or very little), you’ll want to factor in that you’ll need to go a lot cooler in your color picks to offset the strong yellow warmth that the artificial light will cast on your walls.

Wall Color Is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green. Color Spotlight Remodelaholic

via Designs by Katy

So, just to recap.., a lot of natural light will cause a color to lean cooler and a space dependent on artificial light will cast warmth on your color.  In spaces where you have mixed light, you don’t have to worry as much.

This is also a time to consider how the sheen of your choice of paint will effect the color.  Maybe the perfect sheen for you will bounce off more light, or the look of a matte finish that absorbs that light will be better.

What is Light Reflective Value (LRV)?

LRV is a value (0-100) commonly used by design professionals to represent what percentage of the light a surface reflects. LRV 0 is absolute black and LRV 100 is pure white. A lower LRV will give a darker, moodier vibe, where a higher LRV will be more light and airy.

Knowing the LRV of a paint color can help you decide if it is right for your room, lighting situation and mood. The LRV can be helpful in comparing similar paint colors, too, so we include this value for each paint color when available.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green is a gorgeous rich color to consider for an accent wall, a piece of furniture or even a ceiling. It’s a happy and beautiful color to for sure put on your radar.

This beautiful, deep, and rich color is a near-perfect teal paint color, a beautiful choice for an accent wall or furniture. More color tips and inspiration from The Creativity Exchange on

Thanks for stopping by today! If you’re interested in seeing more of my color picks, you can find my list of the top 15 versatile and dependable paint colors on my blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Newburg Green a Blue or Green color?

A: Don’t be deceived by the name. Even though it has a green undertone, this color is really a deep, gem-like blue. It’s great for rooms if you don’t want to choose a really dark navy blue, as it looks more bluish green.

Be sure to read the post above to understand how natural vrs artificial lighting will affect the overall color of this paint.

Q: What is the code for Benjamin Moore Newburg green?

A:  Benjamin Moore HC-158 Newburg Green

What Sheen Paint to Use Where

Paint sheen refers to luster: how shiny the finished painted surface looks. A paint’s sheen is related to its durability. There are 5 commonly used paint sheens that are used for different applications. Pick the sheen of your choice for your project:

  • Flat or matte sheen is commonly used for ceilings or other uneven surfaces to hide imperfections on less-than-perfect surfaces. Flat paint can only withstand very gentle scrubbing with soap, so it’s best used in low-traffic areas where minimal washing is needed.
    • A flat enamel paint has the look of a flat finish and is formulated to have a protective barrier at the surface, making it more durable than a plain flat paint while maintaining the look of a matte finish.
  • Eggshell sheen is the middle of the sheen spectrum: mostly matte, low shine, and moderately durable. It can be used on walls and ceilings and is a great option for added durability while still minimizing imperfections — great for bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. Most paint samples come in eggshell.
  • Satin or pearl sheen is a low-gloss versatile luster, the most popular finish, and our Remodelaholic pick for most of our home. The slight glow looks great and makes for an easy-to-clean surface. Satin paint is food for a wide variety of surfaces and durable for high-traffic areas like kitchens, high-humidity environments like bathrooms, and kids’ rooms.
  • Semi-gloss sheen is a mid-gloss with extra durability. Cabinets, doors, base moldings, window frames and trim are commonly painted with semi-gloss paint with beautiful results.
  • Gloss or high-gloss sheen is shiny, beautiful, and durable — and will also show even slight imperfections and fingerprints. Gloss paint is typically used in high-end finishes for homes and commercial applications.


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  1. Love this color! Going to use it on my front doors where I want it to look more on the blue side. ????. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. This is super helpful, I was already suspicious that this gorgeous color had a lot of chameleon like properties, just based on various pictures I was looking at. I have a lot of natural light in my bedroom and I think this is going to be “too blue.”