DIY Long Table Runner Tray for a Centerpiece

Hey all,  Corey back from Sawdust 2 Stitches! Do you struggle with tablescapes ? This is my new go-to!  It is a cheap and easy way to create some character and bulk without spending a fortune! It serves as a great foundation to any table decor,  fill it with whatever tickles your fancy!  For spring I loaded mine up with copious amounts of terra cotta pots and tulips and I LOVE it!  Bonus:  This table runner can be painted and/or stain  to fit any style. Promise it will be the hit of your next social function!

Table Runner Tray By Sawdust2Stitches For 4

How to Build a Long Table Runner Tray Centerpiece

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  • 1″x 4″ Standard Board
  • 1″x 3″  Standard Board
  • 1″x 2″ Standard Board
  •  5/8″ Dowel Rod
  • Sand Paper
  • Stain and/or Paint
  • Wood glue



Cut from 1″x 3″  Board 

  • (x2) @ 47 ″
  • (x2) @ 11 “

Cut from 1″ x 4″ Board 

  • (x3) @45 ″

Cut from 1″ x 2″ Board 

  • (x2) @ 12″

Dowel Rod 5/8″ 

  • (x1) @47″

How To Build A Rustic Table Runner Tray Centerpiece @Remodelaholic


First construct the frame.  I add a small amount of  wood glue to the joints, and then reinforce with a 1 1/2″  18 gauge nails.

Table Runner Tray By For 1


Next add the center slats. Again, add a dab of glue  or hell if you are a risk taker  go ahead and skip this step…  (But seeing as  already divulged the gauntlet my kids put the last tray through  I would strongly suggest it.)   After  you have glued, or not glued, whatevs,  I would reinforce with nails.Table Runner Tray By For 2


Next up the handle.  On the side handles ( 1″x 2″ boards)  you will need to drill a hole to accommodate  your dowel rod handle.  I used a 5/8′ forstner bit to drill mine.   I place the hole  approximately 1-1/2″  down from the top of the handle and centered it.  Once the holes are drilled finesse the dowel rod into both of the side handles on each end. (Again I would suggest a dab of wood glue.)  Once the handle is assembled attached it centered on the previously assembled tray.

Then you know the drill,  glue, and reinforce.Table Runner Tray By For 4Table Runner Tray By For 3

 Table Runner Tray By For


You can complete this try with any paint or stain you desire… I personally wanted BOTH!  If you want to achieve the same look I have a full Chippy Paint tutorial HERETable Runner Tray By For 6
Table Runner Tray By Sawdust2Stitches For 2  Table Runner Tray By Sawdust2Stitches For 4  Table Runner Tray By Sawdust2Stitches For

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  1. I built the table runner tray center piece, wow its a big piece. I found the dowel rod is not strong enough. I should’ve gotten a hardwood one. I’m afraid if I try to pick it up by the rod it will break.

  2. These plans are easy to follow BUT I would like to edit the cut list above. The 1 x 4 should be cut to 45.5 inches not 45 inches. I look forward to using this as my Easter centerpiece. Thanks!

  3. I REALLY want to make one EXACTLY like you did! Could you tell me what size/how many flower pots you used, and how you arranged them? I can’t quite tell from the pictures. Thanks so much for this post!

  4. I’m working on the tray.The 1/4 for bottom does it have big gabs in between it..I got my wood in pine.Its very long..I hope I did right..