Do it for your Sweetheart, Join Remodelaholics Anonymous; Meeting 4

It is that time of the week again. First, I would like to say that I am thankful to all the participants. It is so fun to get ideas and see all of your heard work! It is so inspiring.   Secondly I am so excited to see your projects.

I have been working hard all week on Valentine’s decor etc. and considering I have never decorated for Valentine’s day before, I have been having fun, but I have had a lot to make up for.  AND!!, I have a great post coming up later today here is a sneak peek:  And there is so much more where this came from!
Last week’s meeting had great projects, you’all are awesome!… again.  I can already tell that I am going to have a hard time narrowing it down to three projects each week.  So, this week I am doing a theme on the three, and that theme is a reuse project. 
First, At Second Street, remade a Christmas wreath into a Valentine’s wreath with just a little bend here and there and some left over spray paint!  Love it!
Secondly, at Fun to Craft, she took an old dry cleaning hanger and made a  beautiful burlap wreath!  It is fun!
And Last but not least, at Junk Exchange, they took a sweater and recovered a chair, but what stole my heart, is this:  Etta needs something like this…oh, the possibilities!
Here are the party guidelines:

1.Please link to something that is relevant to this blog’s topics (up to 3 links per blog). For example, a remodel, before and after, recipe, craft, DIY project, show us what you are working on. Please no businesses or etsy shop links.
2.Link to the specific post, not your homepage!

3.Add my button to your blog’s sidebar or the post so more people can here about the party… The more people that see the button, the more people that will see your posts and blogs!

If for some reason your link has been deleted, just make sure that you have followed the rules and retry!

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  1. >i just had to leave a comment about your awesome folding screen! wow! it seriously looks like it should be at a high-end furniture store, you always do such a great job with your projects. and speaking of projects…DANG! you have been so busy! i am loving all of your valentines ideas.
    and, just in case you have been too busy to watch TV in the past little while (with all of your amazing projects), i just wanted to remind you that LOST is on next week. YEA!!