5 Easy Ways to Store Blankets

I need these in my family room! Easy Ways to Store Blankets @Remodelaholic

Easy Ways to Store Blankets

With the cooler temperatures outside during this winter season, it the perfect time to curl up under a blanket and keep cozy and warm. Blanket storage that is close at hand. but still functional. is always a challenge. And when choosing between the options for a blanket storage system, finding something that also looks decorative is a great bonus. Check out the following ideas to store blankets around your house, from hidden spaces to beautiful display. Than a warm, soft blanket is always at hand when you need to cozy up on a cold winter’s day.

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1. A Blanket Ladder

A ladder is an great way to display blankets. Here is an easy and low cost DIY blanket ladder from Remodelaholic.

Super easy to build! DIY blanket ladder to store blankets and throws without piling them on the ground. Could be used for towels in the bathroom, too.


Or, save a little floor space with this wall ladder for lightweight blankets, tutorial here:

Using just rope and some 1x1 wood you can make a great towel or blanket rack in 15 minutes!

2. Display Cabinet

If you have vintage quilts or blankets made of beautiful textiles that you want to show off, using re-purposed furniture is a way to elevate your storage. A china cabinet becomes a great blanket display case. Or a up-cycled armoire with the drawers removed, can showcase a collection. Even a console table, can hold several blankets while also keeping them nearby the place they will be used.


Beautiful! Store quilts in a china cabinet for easy access and nice looking blanket storage.


Old armoire into blanket storage. Perfect for a guest room!


DIY console table for blankets, great for the living room


3. On the Back of the Door

Another thing to keep handy is baby blankets. It seems you can never have too many. Due to their small size, simply roll them up, and slide them into an inexpensive shoe organizer (like this) hung over the closet door in the nursery. The clear pockets allow each blanket to be visible, and they are conveniently kept in one place until needed.


Store baby blankets and/or burp cloths in a shoe organizer on the back of the door. Why did I not think of that?!?


This is another idea on how to store blankets on a door. Just add a row of towel racks down the vertical space of the door to keep everything organized and minimize storage space. (via)

Smart! towel racks on a door with blankets

4. Out of Sight

While displaying blankets is always an option, sometimes you might want to tuck these away out of sight. A headboard can keep blankets in a convenient compartment (via). Or a built in storage space in  a wall could be the perfect solution. Ottomans with lids are always something that can work out especially a DIY one with both a storage space and wheels to easily move it to where it is most needed.


I need to find one of these storage headboards! Love this!


built in storage space for blankets, this is so smart


DIY ottoman with blanket storage


5. Baskets and Boxes

Of course, the solution often used for blanket storage is tucking everything into a basket. There is a reason the idea is popular, because it is easy and practical.

Beautiful basket to store blankets in! Wish I knew where it was from :/

Via (Basket can be found here. We found a similar, more affordable basket here.)

This is the cutest basket label EVER. Snuggle all winter long!


Pick up a basket or turn a crate into a versatile rolling storage box for blankets, books, toys — anything! Tutorial here

A beautiful multi-purpose storage box with gold accents that's ideal for magazines, blankets, and toys!

or here (so easy!)

how to make your own wire baskets on wheels

Or snag a clearance Christmas basket and add some paint for a look like this:

Clearance to Clutter-Busting Storage Basket


You can select something that goes with the decor of the room. Here are a few great looking baskets perfect for blanket storage (plus a bucket!)


Love these baskets! Sources on Remodelaholic.com


Target Wire Basket / Geometric Fabric Basket / Beachcomber Basket /

Star Basket Galvanized Bucket / White Basket



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  1. Love all the ideas for blanket storage especially the blanket ladder. I didn’t realize how many of those ideas I have been using. That being said, I decided I have to many blankets for 2 people. I went through and took 10 blankets to the mens mission and they were thrilled. And recently I took 5 more to my veterinarians office along with 6 towels that were gathering dust. The vet was happy to have the blankets and towels. My next bunch is going to the dog shelter!!
    However it would be hard to part with all those beautiful quilts..

    1. What a great idea and very generous of you, Cathy! Decluttering and then organizing what you have left is the best <3