Get This Look: Modern Farmhouse Living Room

We’re back today with another ‘Get This Look’ idea, for a modern farmhouse living room from a recent Utah Valley Parade of Homes! The modern farmhouse style is quickly gaining in popularity and it’s so easy to see why!

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Living room elements to get the modern farmhouse vibe and style.


Get This Look: Modern Farmhouse Living Room

This particular home was built by E Builders and designed by Erin Hansen Design and had a gorgeous modern farmhouse exterior.

Modern Farmhouse home exterior.

The two-story, black framed windows completely steal the show in this space!

 Living Room featuring blacks, grays and whites with pops of metallics.

If you’re a fan of the modern farmhouse look, we’ve gathered some easy to follow tips and have rounded up some nearly identical items from these spaces so you can recreate the look in your own living room!


Nearly every modern farmhouse space that effortlessly pulls off the look starts with white walls. Steer clear of whites with a yellow or red undertone (Benjamin Moore Simply White is a great warm white) or find a true white like Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White. Add in some white shiplap somewhere, and you’re good to go!

Add texture with soft pillows in different textures like velvet or faux fur. Modern Farmhouse Living Room


One of the key characteristics of the modern farmhouse look are doses of black in an otherwise white space. Specifically, this comes in black window panes, black furniture or iron light fixtures. The dark helps add a beautiful contrast to the white foundation.

Go dramatic with black and white and statement lighting.


To keep the white and black from feeling cold, add in layers of texture in the textiles. Soft rugs, plush throw pillows, and cozy throws help add warmth and life to the space! It also helps to add in warm wood tones like the fireplace mantle, hardwood floors, and gold accents.

Modern Farmhouse design style with abstract artwork and gold touches.

Below, we’ve rounded up similar or identical pieces used in the Parade of Homes sample home we shared above.


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Click any of the images below (or double-click on mobile) to learn more about each item. We’ve sourced a few options with different price points, when available, for some of the items given you multiple opportunities to ‘get the look’!

Are you a fan of the modern farmhouse look?

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Simple and easy tips to give you the modern farmhouse living room you always dreamed of!

Originally posted 2.3.2017 // Updated 4.16.2021

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  1. I don’t see how this is considered “farmhouse”. Not much about this is that style. You can use shiplap, nailhead furniture and black and white colors and still be as far away from farmhouse as you can. This is more how to use your farmhouse pieces to look unlike farmhouse.

  2. Hi! I almost have to agree with the previous commenter. I don’t see farmhouse here except for maybe some shiplap, which in all reality, was only in certain areas of the country. The farms I remember were working farms, nothing glamorous about them. Even in today’s farmhouses, you would not see this much glamour. To me, this is more New York City suburbs. What was put together here is absolutely gorgeous but even trying to visualize farmhouse, it just isn’t there for me.

    1. There are lots of different names, it seems, but that’s the one that seems to be working right now 🙂 It’s a lovely style and we’d love to see pics of your new home!

  3. Please let me know how you achieved the different lines in the shiplap. Was this created or purchased this way? Would love to replicate!!!

    1. Hi Diana,
      This is an inspiration room from a local Parade of Homes — isn’t that a fun feature! I’d recommend replicating by using different widths of boards for a faux shiplap. You can see some techniques for installing a planked shiplap wall in these posts: