Happy Blogiversary to US! and recipe link…

So guess what, I have been blogging for 3 years today.
WOW!  Time flies when your bloggin’ about fun things.
I admit, I am giving myself the morning off!  I am not in the mood to type up a recipe… 
 I will get back in the mood to cook again soon, sorry!
So, instead let me give you a link to a recipe that I am considering making.  This is from a recipe blog called Our Best Bites, I love it, BUT beware- looking through their blog will make you diet run and hide!

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  1. >Congratulations Cassity on this huge milestone! Thank you for all the inspiration you have shared in your three blogging years!

  2. >Happy anniversary! I just celebrated my one year yesterday and spend the entire day celebrating on my blog. It seriously wiped me out. 🙂 Here's to three more years + for you!

  3. >I have made Our Best Bites' cream puffs and they are yummy! Their chocolate mousse filling is SO GOOD but might I suggest that you make your cream puffs a little bigger than they do. I did them small the first time and filled them from the bottom with a piping tip and it was a big pain. It was easier to make big cream puffs and fill them from the top.

    Happy Blogiversary!