No Mantel? No Problem! 25+ Ideas for Fireplace Mantel Alternatives

No Mantel No Problem! 25+ Ideas For Fireplace Mantel Alternatives Featured On

Often a fireplace is the center of the home.  As an obvious focal point, a fireplace is a natural meeting area and the mantel a natural spot to zero in on when we plan our decor.  But what if you don’t have a fireplace in your home?  If you spend time eyeing-up beautiful mantels on Pinterest, you may start to feel a little left out.  There’s no shortage of mantel decor ideas for all seasons and holidays, but where do you start if a fireplace mantel isn’t part of the equation for you?  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create awesome seasonal focal points, and here are 30 fireplace mantel alternatives to get you started.

 25+ Ideas for Fireplace Mantel Alternatives

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Coat Hook Shelves 

Sure, they’re a great storage solution, but your coat hooks can be beautiful, too!  If you’ve already got a ledge attached to your hooks, you’re halfway there!  If not, you can add a shelf or ledge directly above that mimics the design of the hooks.  Then use this area for displaying vignettes instead of boxes and bags.


Vintage Coat Rack // Casa Watkins Living

Styling A Global Eclectic Spring Entryway


Rustic Coat Rack and Entry // Home Remedies

1 DSC 0934


Console and Sofa Tables 

Console and sofa tables can be DIY’d in a variety of styles – from sleek and skinny, to chunky traditional, or rustic farmhouse.  Whatever style fits your home, these furniture pieces can provide more than just storage space.  Let your sofa table take center stage in your living room by dressing it up – top to bottom – just as you would a fireplace.


Simple White Console // House By Hoff

Fall Decorating Via House By Hoff 572x800


Turned Leg Console // Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Console Table By Shanty2Chic


Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table // City Farmhouse

The Easiest Rustic DIY Sofa Table With Dipped Legs1 672x1024


Revamped Sofa Table // Farm Fresh Homestead

Fullsizerender 5


Small White Sofa Table // House By Hoff

Spring Decorating Via House By Hoff6 768x1075


Dressers, Sideboards, and Buffets

A substantial furniture piece that ends at eye level or below, like sideboards and buffets, are natural spots to decorate.  You can easily create a focal point in the dining room just by switching the decor on your sideboard to reflect the seasons.


Farmhouse Dresser // House By Hoff

Simple Spring Vignette 11


Buffet and Shelf // My Fabuless Life

Spring Decor Wm


Ikea Sideboard // Kindred Vintage & Co.

IMG 4431



Small Entry Tables 

If you’re short on space, even a small entry table can stand in for a fireplace mantel!  Create more weight and focus by giving the table a backdrop, use tall items to draw the eye, or simply let the small area speak for itself.  With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make charming holiday and seasonal vignettes even in tight quarters.

Dainty Vintage Table // The Happy Housie

Youll Love This Light Bright And Cheery Spring Home Tour At The Happy Housie 2


Skinny Turned Leg Table // Shanty 2 Chic

Console Table Diy


X-Leg Table // Lovely, etc.

IMG 5415 Thumb


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No Mantel No Problem! 25+ Ideas For Fireplace Mantel Alternatives Featured On

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