DVD Storage Ideas

Still have a DVD collection? So do we! Here are 7 DVD Storage Ideas that are organized, efficient, and compact.

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Storage For DVDs, Seven Ideas On Remodelaholic

DVD Storage Ideas

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Streaming is all the rage, and oh so convenient, but there are many classics that aren’t streaming — and I’m not giving up my DVD collection just because it’s streaming *for now*!

For my fellow DVD and Blu-ray disc collectors, here are some great DVD storage ideas that keep your DVDs organized and protect them from damage.

DVD Storage Idea #1: Store your DVDs in binders.

Get a couple of heavy-duty binders in a color you like and add pretty labels to their spines. Take the time to create a table of contents of all of your DVDs to make it easy to find the movie you want to watch. Learn how to organize your DVD collection in binders here! Each 1.5-inch binder can hold up to 120 DVDs.

DVD storage ideas on Remodelaholic

DVD Storage Idea #2: Use DVD slips in a basket or a drawer.

DVD slips, or movie sleeves, are a great way to store your DVDs. They’re much less bulky than DVD cases, yet they still hold two DVDs per sleeve and the cover art. This DVD organization tutorial shows you how to store and organize movie sleeves in a small basket. You could find a really pretty basket or box with lid and display it in your TV set or bookcase as functional decor.

 smart DVD storage ideas via remodelaholic #dvds #organizing #storage

If your TV console has drawers, you could organize your DVD sleeves in simple baskets and put them in a drawer.

DVD storage ideas that are compact and efficient, from Remodelaholic

DVD Storage Idea #3: Build a shelf that’s designed to fit your DVDs.

If you have some wall space available for DVD storage, you could build your own DVD shelf with this tutorial. So much better than using a standard bookcase and wasting space on each shelf, since most shelves are much deeper than the width of a DVD.

DVD storage ideas that are useful and efficient from Remodelaholic

DVD Storage Idea #4: Build a DVD shelving unit on the back of a closet door.

This tutorial shows you how to build a DVD unit for a closet door! It’s brilliant, really. You build the shelf free-standing then hang it on the door. Hiding away your DVD collection is as simple as closing your closet door. If you have solid wood doors, you could screw the shelving unit right on the door. For only $35 and around two hours, this is a great DVD storage idea.

Are you looking for a way to store your DVDs that is organized, efficient, and saves space? Here are 7 smart DVD storage ideas that you’ll find useful! via @tipsaholic #dvds #organizing #storage

You could also build these cabinet door storage bins. The building plans include instructions on how to make them in different dimensions.

DIY storage shelves for the back of a door on Remodelaholic

This tutorial for back of the door storage shelves from Wilkerdos could also be altered to fit DVDs–or anything else! Built from plywood, it’s also budget-friendly.

DVD Storage Shelves On The Back Of A Door By Wilkerdos On Remodelaholic

DVD Storage Idea #5: Invest in an attractive DVD organizer.

There are many products that organize DVD collections, but not all of them are pleasing to look at. This nice-looking organizer for DVD storage allows you to color-code your collection and it’s really simple to use. You could add labels like Cake for 2 (blog no longer available) to make it even more organized.

Are you looking for a way to store your DVDs that is organized, efficient, and saves space? Here are 7 smart DVD storage ideas that you’ll find useful! via @tipsaholic #dvds #organizing #storage

DVD Storage Idea #6: Put floating shelves on a narrow wall between two doors.

Do you have a narrow wall in your home that’s between two doors? These narrow spaces are often left blank because they’re too small for a piece of furniture or a bookcase, but DIY floating shelves there would be perfect for DVD storage! This tutorial hacks an IKEA Lack table to make the floating shelves.

Are you looking for a way to store your DVDs that is organized, efficient, and saves space? Here are 7 smart DVD storage ideas that you’ll find useful! via @tipsaholic #dvds #organizing #storage

Our floating shelf tutorial with building plans would work great as well!

Diy Floating Shelf Building Tutorial #remodelaholic


DVD Storage Idea #7: Convert your DVDs to a digital format and store them on a portable hard drive.

The ultimate way to organize your DVD collection is to digitize it completely. That way, the only space your DVD collection takes up is virtual space, other than maybe a thin portable hard drive. If you have plenty of memory available in your computer, you could store it all there instead. There are plenty of tutorials online, but here’s a good one for how to convert DVDs to mp4 files.

We hope one of these DVD storage ideas works for you! For more organization ideas, check out:

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  1. Thanks for the ideas for dvd storage, i was truly at a loss for what to do with them, any ideas or solutions for cd storage if so please post them also. i would like some ideas on the previously mentioned items as far as concealment solutions not visible.

  2. I’m having custom full -wall bookcases built in. I have over 900 DVD movies so want part of the book cases to accommodate the movies. I would like building plans that rotate shelves like some shoe cabinets….where one shelf comes forward while the other rotates back and behind. Kind of like a Ferris wheel. Is it possible there are building plans for such a unit?

  3. Love the digitizing idea. I have taken your advice and stored my DVD movies on hard drive. BTW, the digitizing tool I use is WinX DVD Ripper. A nice tool. Maybe someone would like to have a try.

  4. Thank you for this. I felt like a dinosaur keeping all my old DVD’s (AND CD’s!), but sometimes the streaming channels DON’T have the movie I want to see. As a matter of fact, we wanted to watch an award-winning movie from the (gulp!) 90’s with our daughter and had to pay 12 bucks to ‘own’ it! I’m sure if I ran down to Walmart, I’d find it in the bargain bin for a lot less. Organizing them, as you suggest will keep the titles at my fingertips. Of course, with my OCD, I’ll probably alphabetize them too.