New look?!

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I was wondering if you guys noticed the new look of the blog?  I haven’t heard much?  I just finally decided I need some changes!

(old header)

I use Google Chrome as my what-cha-ma-call-it but checked it in Internet Explorer and it has looked normal.

Are you guys noticing any problems?
Do you like it?
I would love some feedback…

The header is now interactive too, you can subscribe, search or find us on other websites!

There may be some more changes coming soon, but for now I am happy to “lighten up” a bit.    By the way I made all the css/httml changes myself thanks to my favorite blogger tutorial site Blogger Sentral.  Seriously that site has been a heaven sent, and I have learned slowly and surely how to really manipulate my blog, I am even close to having a full table of contents, if it wasn’t for that darn Internet explorer ruining things for me!

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  1. >I like it a lot…it's very clean and easy to read and navigate!! And great job doing it yourself!!

  2. >Looks great! Very well organized. I like Google Chrome better, too. I have to use IE for bill paying for some reason, but love GC for everything else.

  3. >I like it!
    Thanks for the website. I'm in the process of an overhaul and cleanup this site will come in handy!! 🙂

  4. >I like that it's cleaner, but still has your "brand". I use Firefox, and haven't had any problems here.

  5. >I LOVE the updated format! It looks really crisp and clean. Open, light, and well organized. Good job!!!!!!!

  6. >I almost said something yesterday, but then I started second guessing myself and thinking that it had changed a while ago and I was just unobservant!

    I like the fresh look!

  7. >i love the new look! it still retains the same character of your "old" design, but is just a little more polished. LOVE!