Points Countin’, Weight Watchin’ Goal

Well, I did it.  I joined Weight Watchers. (again)  I joined last fall,  and lost 5 or 6 pounds before I found out I was pregnant.  When I asked them about being prego and dieting…  they booted me out before I could say cookie!

So, technically thanks to the wonder of breastfeeding, I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually reached it a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been motivated to do more!  But, here I am officially saying I am going to be motivated.  At least enough to track my points daily.  And maybe it will motivate me to start an exercise routine, again… that I actually stick to…. maybe!
Seriously though, weight watchers works for me.  I just do it online.  I track what I eat after each meal.  Simple as that.  When it comes to cooking, I enter my recipes in their calculator thingy, and tweak them until they are low enough on the points scale.

My goal is to be almost what I was when I got married…  I would like to lose 13 to 18 pounds.  There, is has been said out loud, well typed, you get my drift.

It should take about 20 weeks….
They say I can lose one pound a week safely.

I will  fit into my box of skinny jeans!  Uh yeah, I… have… a…. box?!… don’t you?

Hopefully this means my recipes will be more eater friendly.
( I will try to include points for those that want to know!)

Wish me luck!

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  1. >Ok you go girl I have to loose another 10lbs so lets have a little bet that the first one down 10lbs the other buys dinner. When we come down Are you in? I weighed in this morning at 285.9lbs 10/16/09
    Grandpa K

  2. >Good for you!! You know, breastfeeding actually keeps me from losing weight, or so it seems. I always drop ten pounds or so as soon as nursing stops…

    The key for me is just exercise… lots and lots of it. Because I stinkin love food so much, I have a really hard time not eating exactly what I want.

    Good luck!!

  3. >Good luck! I dropped to my HIGH SCHOOL weight after my first two, just by breastfeeding. When I'd stop?… bloop, 15 pounds back on. This time I thought it would work again… alas, tis not so. I have 25 extra pounds hanging around and I'm 6 months out!!! Chalk it up to stress of moving (and using food as my emotional out). My goal is to have made some sort of dent by Christmas… Thanks for the inspiration, and again, good luck!

  4. >You'll do great. The online stuff is sooo fun, addictive, and easy. I am working on the ever-long struggle of weight loss too. Robyn, and practically half the branch, has talked me into joining "The Rush" to go work out. So, hoping that will help me shed those evil pounds, and motivate my body to finally get pregnant. ( I hear weight loss does that… crossing my fingers). Laurin has lost 103 pounds… yes you read that right, and she looks amazing. You should get in touch with her!