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Whoops!  Obviously I am a little behind on the blogging scene this week… I wish I had a great excuse like a tropical vacation… but honestly my husband has been at a training all week, and I’ve been cleaning out closets and pretending like I have no other responsibilities… ( I would feel much better about what I did all week if my house was clean, but you know how cleaning closets is kinda like your house vomiting?  And you are cleaning it up for days!  I hope I am not alone in that feeling..)


Then to add to the excuses, I had a church meeting this morning too(at my house), which means I was running around shoving things in rooms and locking doors.  YIKES!  I need another cleaning week…. month…!  BUT I promise I will be back next week.  In the mean time, what have you all been up to?


We have a button for the party below.  All you have to do is copy the code and place it in your post in the “Edit html” tab while you are writing the post or editing it.  Please add it to your blog or the post somewhere so other people can find out about the party and join in.  I would be very thankful!

Here are the party guideline/rules:

1. Please add Remodelaholic to your blog reading list first.

2. Please link to something that is relevant to this blog’s topics (up to 3 links per blog ONLY!). For example, a remodel, before and after, recipe, craft, DIY project, show us what you are working on.  Please no businesses or etsy shop links (join us on Saturdays to link shops).
3. Link to the specific post, not your homepage!
4.  Please ad the button to your post or sidebar!  Thanks

Remodelaholic***Please don’t repeat the same link each week!! Try to keep the info new thanks!!!

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for hosting this fun party! I linked up but I can’t find the code for the button, I had to copy & paste it. Looking forward to checking out all the fun projects. Thank you again!

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