Remodelaholics Anonymous Meeting 1 highlights…

Thanks for those that participated! I am planning on having a party every Friday, so spread the word and hopefully we can double and triple in size over time.   I am thankful to all my participants.  It is nice to get such lovely inspiration. 

Here are some of highlights from the party yesterday… What the heck… We will highlight them all because I can!!!
Kristi from the Brouse House re-did her table, chairs and the hutch which I am in love with! Did you all know that I love black furniture!  I do! …and don’t you just love her great dishes, the dish fanatic in me is in love!
ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage, which has some of the most beautiful transformations I have ever seen, check out her master bedroom, just cause I have loved it for a long time…  Anyway, she showed us how to update a homely old $3.00 garage sale wreath into a beauty!  Gotta love a good deal!
Alissa from 33 Shades of Green made these beautiful Amy Butler aprons… I think I might just need one of these.  Look at the fabulous feminine details, and the fabric is great too!

 Amy from New Nostalgia had two great ideas, Going Green Gift Packaging ideas, and a homemade coloring book that her daughter made for a gift.  Both were wonderful, and I love that she got her daughter so involved in creating a gift, it makes giving that much more exciting and meaningful.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a recycled project?   Sonja, from Craft-Werk has so many great ideas for these and she showed us how to make some great canisters with a rewritable label.  The project is practically free so lets all get started on it!

Thanks so much for participating.  We will be doing it the same time and place next week, so get the word out, and please come and try again.  For those of you that have never joined a Mclinky party they are so fun, and you get to show off your work to a wider audience!  Try it next week!

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  1. >Hi Cassity – Thanks again for hosting and for highlighting my blog today along with the others! I plan on joining every week that I have a project!

  2. >Thanks for my first ever link party ;-). Cool idea – I'll be looking out for the next one and hope to take part!

  3. >Thank you so much for highlighting my project. I love looking at what everyone else is doing. It always inspires me to do something even if its little. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. >first off your numbers on your comments are WAY cool.

    secondly: anyone know how painting a dining table holds up? Ours gets a LOT of use, but it's also covered in glitter and glue and paint, I imagine a paint job wouldn't hold up well. sigh.

  5. >Sheri,

    And about the table, sand, sand, sand, paint one or two coats then cover with a polyurethane- one or two coats, you could use a water based for faster time!! allow it to cure several days before using.

    Hope that helps!


  6. >It's fun that you highlighted everyone's project! Thanks for all your kind words!! Glad I could join the party!