Update an Existing Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover

Add light to your bathroom and upgrade the bathroom exhaust fan with this fast and easy update. We show you how to replace your existing bathroom exhaust fan cover with a new cover that features a built-in LED light and sleek design.

Broan FG500N LED upgrade for ventilation fan Before And After

Easily upgrade an existing exhaust fan cover with a Broan exhaust fan cover

This post is brought to you by BROAN®, a division of Broan-NuTone, LLC, but, as always, all opinions are our own. 

Today we are partnering up with Broan to show you how easy it is to update and install a new exhaust fan cover over an existing ceiling exhaust fan. This is such an easy bathroom update, no professional required! We replaced the old exhaust fan cover in a bathroom.

But not only did our old bathroom exhaust fan get a new look, but it also got a lighting upgrade! Bathrooms often lack natural light, and this new Broan exhaust fan cover quickly replaces an outdated exhaust fan cover while also updating the look, making it easier to clean and maintain, AND adding an additional light source to your bathroom. In our 1970’s fixer-upper home we always welcome more light and that is one of the main features that we are excited about with this product.

The LED fan cover is called the Broan FG600S Quick-change LED Grille Upgrade.  You don’t even have to be an experienced DIYer to do this project.  If you can plug a lamp into a wall, you can swap your exhaust fan cover for this sleek new design to add lighting to your bathroom!

Broan FG500N LED upgrade for ventilation fan

What ceiling exhaust fan is compatible with the Broan FG600S Quick-Change LED Grille Upgrade?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your fan is compatible and will work with your existing fan.  The main thing that your existing model has to have is the ability to plug in the new LED light.

Broan FG500N LED upgrade for ventilation fan type of plug needed to upgrade easily

Here is a list of compatible models:

  • Broan 576, 670, 671, 674, 676, 678, 679, 680, 683, 684, 688, 689, 770, 771, 784, 679L, 683C, 683L, E050, E070, ED50L, HD50, HD50L, HD80, HD80L
  • NuTone 695, 763, 6950, 50NT, 684NT, 696N, 696N0, 763N, 763NC, 80NT, 80NTE, HD50LNT, HD50NT, HD80LNT, HD80NT
  • Nautilus N671, N676, N678, N679, N680, N688
  • ABC Co. NCF80
  • Acme VQ50, VQ80
  • American Coolair CF670A1151, CF684A1151
  • Carnes VCDD005C, VCDD008C
  • Fantech 6CEV005A, 6CEV008A
  • Greenheck SP-C50
  • Jenn Fan FF50, FF50E, FF80
  • Penn Z1, ZL1, ZL2
  • Twin City T050, T080
  • US Fan Intl UVQ50, UVQ80

What are the grille dimensions?

Now that you know what fans are compatible, here are the dimensions of the covers that it is compatible with as well so you can make sure it will cover your existing fan.

Dimensions of the new Broan FG600S grille: 10 1/4″ x 9-3/4″ x 2″

It covers existing exhaust fan sizes of 7 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ and * 1/4″ x 8″

What are the LED Specifications?

  • 750 Lumens.  Soft Led light to help illuminate dark areas of the bathroom.
  • 3000K Color temperature.  Warm color temperature.
  • Rated Life of 25,000 hours.  It will last a long time.

How to replace your old exhaust fan cover in four easy steps

Now that we’ve covered the LED light + exhaust fan specs, it’s time for the main event: replacing the old exhaust fan cover! It only take four easy steps and about 5 minutes of your time to install your new exhaust fan cover. You read that right — FIVE MINUTES to add another light source, improve bathroom ambiance, and upgrade your exhaust fan cover.

Step 1: Remove the old fan cover

Remove the old cover by pulling it away from the ceiling and pinching the springs on each side together.  The springs will slide out of the slits in the fan housing and release from the ceiling.

Step 2: Choose new fan springs

Choose the correct fan springs for your model.  The fan cover comes with two sizes of springs for easy installation.  Select the two short springs or two longer springs depending on what you need.

Step 3: Attach + plug in the cover

Attach one spring to the fan receptacle.  Then plug the motor into the pass-through plug of the new cover.  Then plug the pass-through plug into the fan receptacle.

plugging in Broan Exhaust Fan Cover

Step 4: Finish it up

Attach the second spring to the fan and push the cover up against the ceiling.

Ta-da! Added bathroom lighting in 5 minutes!

Now we can step back and enjoy our newly added light (and look) of the new Broan FG600S Quick-Change LED Grille Upgrade exhaust fan cover. We’re really looking forward to that bit of added light as we shower now.

new LED Broan Exhaust Fan Cover

If you’re looking to update a dark and dated bathroom, swapping the exhaust fan cover for this new LED cover is the fastest, easiest way to add light and get that makeover started (or finished!). Add a new showerhead for a weekend mini-makeover for your bathroom! Check out our other ideas below for updating a dated bathroom.

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      1. Help! Our existing fan does not have a “plug” like yours, nor does the new fan cover — they both have a different electrical connector (similar to each other, but the one on the new cover is 2 little round prongs, and the one on the existing fan is 3 little round prongs). The new cover is an LED light. I’m thinking I need to get an electrician in here to help me figure this out?

  1. Hello! Everyone talks about how easy it is to replace just a bathroom exhaust fan cover and…. we laugh uproariously at this point! It would be simple if our current cover wasn’t so dang old! In our effort to clean the fan and rid ourselves of the yellowed covers we find that the cover, which has a lightbulb screw-in, is held in place by a single centered screw bolt – no springs.No box/fan encasement spring connection points here. Problem… all new covers come with springs. We’ve tried numerous ways to make this work and are now resulting to trying flex glue around the edges and applying pressure for 24 hours due to the popcorn-ish ceiling. Not our preferred method but do not need nor wish to replace the working fan. Can you help come up with a better idea for the second cover? Still have time. Want to ensure our flue, cut down with a razor blade when needed, will hold. The fan and new light work perfectly. Just need to hold it up! Thanks!

    1. We’ve got the same problem with our bathroom fan/light combo. not sure how we’re going to get the vent cover attached. Will let you know if I figure something out.