Sunny Yellow Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Give your home a burst of sunshine with bright yellow kitchen decorating ideas and inspiration! From yellow cabinets to yellow decorating accents, learn to use bright yellow in a modern beautiful home decor setting.

If you want more tips and DIY ideas for decorating, we’ve got tips for working in more yellow, a way to change up your countertops for $30, and more ideas for adding color in the kitchen.

Tips for Decorating a Sunny Yellow Kitchen #remodelaholic

Why add yellow into your kitchen

Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. I don’t know about you, but I just love time of year, when the days start to get a bit longer and everything suddenly seems sunny and bright again.

If I’m being completely honest, yellow is one of those colors I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. I seem to always be drawn to it’s inviting warmth, but I also feel like it can be visually overwhelming in large doses, and I generally shy away from it in my home decor. So I took this month’s moodboard as a challenge to find a balanced way to use yellow. Here’s what I came up with:

Tips for Decorating a Sunny Yellow Kitchen #remodelaholic

Sunny Yellow Kitchen Decor Sources

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Tips for Decorating a Yellow Kitchen

Here are some tips for incorporating yellow in your kitchen decor:

1. Be strategic.

This takes a bit of planning, but for bright colors, like yellow, it always pays off to plan ahead. Since you probably don’t want your entire kitchen to be bright yellow, planning out what items you want to call attention to is a good first step.

Yellow is naturally a color that draws the eye, so keep in mind that whatever elements you do decide to go bold with, they’re going to stand out. Knowing this, you can decide to counter the bolder items with other elements to balance out the bright.

For example, if you decide on Yellow bar stools, you may want to avoid yellow cabinets, since having those two large scale items both the same bold color may be overwhelming. You will likely want to disperse the yellow color around the room to tie everything together and keep the eye moving.

2. Pair with neutrals.

Another great way to keep yellows from being too glaring is to pair them with neutrals, especially ones that lean to the cool end of the spectrum. For example, a cool black, or white, as opposed to a muddy black or a cream, which can appear as though they are meant to be white, but are just reflecting the yellow color.

The same care should be taken when choosing wood tones to go with yellow decor. A more neutral wood tone will allow the yellow to shine. If you really want to go bold, you can also tone down yellow with blues and purples, which add in a pop of their own without taking away from the yellow.

3. Add some green.

If you’ve read many of my previous posts, you may have come to the realization that I am a proponent of plants in every room. They add life to a space, and make it feel more inviting. However, with yellow, especially, I think some greenery goes a long way towards making the space feel natural.

The brightness of yellow can come off as jarring and fake. To give your space a naturally inviting vibe, evoking a sense of a yellow flower surrounded by green leaves is a good trick. Alternatively, if you want a more industrial or modern vibe, yellow is a good color for that too, as it can remind folks of man made materials.

Sunny Yellow Kitchen Inspiration

Now that we shared some ideas of items to add, let’s see yellow in action in some gorgeous spaces. This can help you incorporate yellow kitchen decorating ideas in your own home.

Neutral white with sunny yellow kitchen accents, cabinets, bar stools via Style Carrot | How to add Yellow in Kitchen decorating #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Style Carrot Photo Credit: Marni Elyse Katz


Yellow Kitchen Stove and Accents via Gia Renovations | How to decorate with sunny yellow | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Gia Renovations


Sunny yellow kitchen accent wall and fridge with exposed brick wall, modern kitchen | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source:


Modern white and yellow kitchen via Home Designing | How to decorate with yellow and Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Home Designing


Modern Yellow Kitchen Cabinets via BHG | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Bright yellow kitchen with soapstone counters via BHG | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration and decorating ideas #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens


Yellow kitchen accent wall via sadecor | Yellow Kitchen Decorating Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: South African Decor & Design


Coastal Yellow Kitchen via Australian Country Magazine | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Australian Country Magazine


Colorful yellow kitchen ideas via Hus & Hem | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic
Image Source: Hus & Hem

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Love yellow kitchens? Get inspired by these beautiful yellow kitchen spaces plus tips for making yellow work in your home and for your style. | Yellow Kitchen Ideas Tips Inspiration Decorating #remodelaholic

Looking for even more sunny yellow decorating ideas?? Here are some of our favorite projects or ideas.

Yellow DIY Projects and tips:

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Originally Posted 5.7.2018 // Updated 2.11.2020 

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  1. You really did find a great way to balance the yellow mood there, Dawn! I like that even when this space is small, everything in the pictures actually works!

    These colors are also a good way to showcase unique spaces that interest people because of the combination – enough to charm me!