Tooth Printable

I made this little tooth printable for your bathrooms… I should have at least two more coming in the set inspired by a past feature… but I need to get permission to post it first, and if I don’t get permission, I will change it up a little more before I offer them.   For now, I hope you like the little tooth printable!!

compiled printable image small

Here is the link to the printable!  She gave me permission, yea!



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  1. I love, love, love these prints! I’ve never printed a free printable though and I’m having trouble printing. Is the only one available right now the one with the tooth on it? Maybe that’s my problem. I like that one but I wanted one of the ones with words too. They are just so darn cute and I love the colors!

    1. Danielle, I am so glad you like the prints. I was inspired by one of my features, and I just wanted to make sure she is okay with me posting them before I put them up. When I know she is okay with it, I will put them up. For now the tooth one is all I have available.

  2. I love these printables! Have you gotten permission yet to be able to print these or are they available somewhere to purchase? Thanks!