30 Ways to Use Fresh Evergreen Boughs

It’s hard to beat the lush look and scent of a fresh evergreen tree, garland or wreath so we’ve collected 30 beautiful ways to use fresh evergreen boughs, sprigs, needles, and other small pieces.

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How To Use Fresh Evergreen From Remodelaholic

Decorating with natural elements is fun year-round, but seems especially meaningful during the winter when so much of nature is dormant!

Fresh evergreen branches, trimmed from you real Christmas trees, are not only a symbol of enduring life during the darkest days of winter but also a versatile element that can infuse your home with natural beauty and a hint of woodland charm long after the holiday lights dim. And don’t forget that heavenly pine scent!

Start with these popular craft ideas DIY pinecone wreath (in under an hour!) or an easy fresh evergreen swag for your door or light — then use the extra pieces from your live Christmas tree or fresh garland to add cheer this holiday season in other places with these ideas.

So let’s explore 30+ creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose those lush sprigs of pine, fir, or spruce.

From crafting personalized wreaths that welcome guests with a touch of greenery to conjuring an ambiance of woodland whimsy with homemade garlands, there’s a multitude of options to transform your leftover evergreen limbs into decorative and useful items.

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How to Use Fresh Evergreen to Decorate

Beautiful Gift Box Decorations

Pine Cuttings Decorating Gift Wrap 015110
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart.

When wrapping up your presents forgo the bow, and add a small sprig of evergreen. Wondering what kind of evergreens to use in your décor? Learn which evergreens are which and how to preserve each one over at Martha Stewart.

Thicken A Faux Garland with Real Cuttings:

How To Get Beautiful Garland With Faux And Real Pine 014532
Photo Credit: Kim Six.

Who says you can only use real pine cuttings? Why not start with a fake garland as your base, and layer in with real pine, bunches of holly berries and fir sprigs to thicken your fake garlands — details over at The Kim Six Fix.

Festive Guest Décor

Tie A Spring Of Fresh Evergreen On A Robe Or Coat Hanger For Guests Lowes Creative Ideas Via @Remodelaholic 015606
Photo Credit: Lowes Creative Ideas.

Having guests over for the holiday? What a cute thoughtful surprise to find a comforting robe, tied with a sprig of evergreen on a hanger for guest coats or robes (via Lowe’s Creative Ideas). The red hanger is a bonus for how beautiful this looks!

Fresh Pine Door Swag

Evergreen And Ornament Door Swag Good Housekeeping Via @Remodelaholic 020326
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping.

Having a door swag is a great way to add the wonderful scent of Christmas, even if you opt for an artificial Christmas tree. The scent added to the entrance of your home is so inviting. Create a fresh pine door swag in the just minutes via our tutorial. (image via Good Housekeeping)

Wood Sign and Swag Combo

Silent Night Sign On A Pine Swag Front Door
Photo Credit: That’s My Letter.

Use that creativity to add a hand painted wooden sign to your wooden swag for the perfect winter-friendly front door décor (tutorial from That’s My Letter).

Mini Window Wreath Display

Fresh Greenery Mini Wreaths Martha Stewart Via @Remodelaholic 450x563 033056
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart.

If you have a window that you see often this winter season, try this little display of mini wreaths to accent the window! They are the perfect way to fill your view and add to your Christmas cheer. Create your own set of mini wreathes (tutorial from Martha Stewart).

Mini Chair Back Pine Swag

Use A Pine Swag To Decorate Dining Chairs Stonegable Blog Via @Remodelaholic 032913
Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog.

If you are having a holiday feast with family, make it extra special with this small detail. Use an evergreen bunch and ribbon to decorate dining chairs for dinner parties (from Stonegable Blog).

Stair Banister Swags

Make A Fresh Pine Christmas Swag For The Stairs House On The Way Via @Remodelaholic 033036
Photo Credit: House on the Way.

Tie a bunch of branches together for a fragrant stair swag decoration on your banister. We love how the faux sprig of berries, glass ornaments and bow add that beautiful red detail to compliment the green. (from House on the Way).

Pine Draped Chandelier

Chandelier With Pine Sawgs For Christmas 035301
Photo Credit: Curious Detail.

Drape fresh pine boughs over the chandelier with the caveat that you be very aware of the pines boughs are not touching any bulbs! (from Curious Details — and her whole dining room is gorgeous!).

In Open Shelving Displays

Use Evergreen And Red To Decorate A Hutch For Christmas Craftberry Bush Via @Remodelaholic1 600x399 032953
Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush.

Add small sprigs of evergreen to your china hutch or any open shelving display (from CraftBerry Bush).

Stacked in Dish Displays

Fresh Fir And Pine Branches On A Cake Plate Dish 12th And White Via @Remodelaholic
Photo Credit: Courtney M Browning.

Fill a cake plate with tree trimmings, the perfect visual treat for the holidays! (from Courtney M Browning).

Fresh Seasonal Potpourri

Simmer Pine Needles And Cinnamon For A Christmas Scented Air Freshener Make Haus Via @Remodelaholic 450x450 033003
Photo Credit: Make Haus.

Simmer pine needles with cinnamon for a fresh seasonal potpourri.

Goblets Full of Tiny Sprigs

Pine Sprigs In Goblet Lantlivinorregrd Via @Remodelaholic 533x800 033049
Photo Credit: Norregard.

Toss a few leftover sprigs into a pretty goblet (from Norregard).

Gifts with Ribbons and Tiny Pine Sprigs

Tie Fresh Evergreen On A Gift Package The Original Popup Shop Via @Remodelaholic 450x563 033115
Photo Credit: The Original Popup Shop.

Tie a sprig of spruce on a gift tied with a bow, and now need for other fancy wrappings (via The Original Popup Shop).

Christmas Bauble with Pine Sprig

Pine Sprig Ornament BHG Via @Remodelaholic 032958
Photo Credit: BHG.

Create an easy seasonal ornament (from BHG).

Kissing Ball Entrance Display

Use Fresh Greenery To Make A DIY Kissing Ball For Christmas View Along The Way Via @Remodelaholic 032949
Photo Credit: View Along the Way.

Combine several types of evergreen to create a festive and fun kissing ball (tutorial from View Along The Way).

Table Runner Tie

Use Fresh Sprigs Of Evergreen Pine To Tie A Table Runner Colin Cowie Weddings Via @Remodelaholic 033045
Photo Credit: Colin Cowie.

Tie a sprig of pine in the end of a table runner (via Colin Cowie)

DIY Pine Table Runner Display

Fresh Greenery Table Runner Vintage Whites Via @Remodelaholic 530x800 032918
Photo Credit: Vintage Whites:

or make the whole table runner! (via Vintage Whites).

Burlap Pouches

Diy Fresh Greenery Pouches Stephanie Lynn On Positively Splendid Via @Remodelaholic 450x600 033120 Copy
Photo Credit; Stephanie Lynn.

Create little burlap pouches to hold small evergreen boughs — for place cards or wall or chair decor (from Stephanie Lynn on Positively Splendid)

A Faux Mini Tree (2 ways)

2 Ways To Make DIY Real Mini Christmas Trees From Clippings 2 042615

Follow this tutorial to create two different versions of a mini table top Christmas tree from tree clippings. Get that traditional Christmas tree look or even a slightly Charlie Brown look if you desire. Tutorial at Sew Historically.

Keep Your Cuttings Fresh

how to preserve fresh greenery sprigs - Miss Mustard Seed via @Remodelaholic

and use this trick from Miss Mustard Seed to help keep the cut branch fresh longer.

Votive Candle Lights

sprigs of evergreen fir as candleholders - Living the Country Life via @Remodelaholic

Affix sprigs or needles to the exterior of a glass candleholder for an easy wintry touch (from Living The Country Life).

Beautify Your Mail Box

Use Fresh Evergreen Boughs To Decorate Mailbox BHG Via @Remodelaholic 032937 Copy
Photo Credit: BHG.

Decorate the mailbox (via BHG)

Decorate the Front Bench

Fresh Evergreen Branches On An Entry Porch Bench BHG Via @Remodelaholic 033104
Photo Credit: BHG.

Its probably a little too cold to hang out on your front bench, so why not use the space to create a beautiful display on your front porch bench or in a space you can see in your backyard. I especially love the huge pinecones! (via BHG).

Lighted Pole Decoration

Light Pole With Christmas Garland
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Get that look of the North Pole with a decorated outdoor lamp. You can actually buy these if you don’t currently have a lighted entry pole. Check them out here.

Stair Votives

Use Evergreen Springs And Mason Jars To Decorate The Stairs For Christmas Thrifty Decor Chick Via @Remodelaholic 033007 Copy
Photo Credit: Decor Chick.

Place small boughs under/around a jar filled with seasonal items (and I love this on the stairs!) You could also add remote control votives for added ambiance at night!@ (from Thrifty Decor Chick)

Green Window Display

Fresh Pine Garland In The Kitchen Country Living Via @Remodelaholic 033101
Photo Credit: Country Living.

Of all the DIY projects, this is fast and easily removed after the holiday. Use a tension rod to add greenery to any window (via Country Living).

Christmas Mantel Decor with Greenery

Tuck Sprigs Of Evergreen Into Mantel Decorations Miss Mustard Seed Via @Remodelaholic 600x398 032929
Photo Credit: Miss Mustard Seed.

Add tree trimmings to your mantel (from Miss Mustard Seed).

Embellished Photo Frame

Fresh Evergreen Sprig On Top Of A Picture Frame BHG Via @Remodelaholic 032942 Copy
Photo Credit: BHG.

Top a photo frame with a sprig of greenery(via BHG).

Vase of Greenery

Use Fresh Greens And Cranberries To Create A Winter Vignette On Sutton Place Via @Remodelaholic 533x800 033019 Copy
Photo Credit: On Sutton Place.

And keep it easy by tossing Christmas tree branches or sprigs in a jar or other glass container for a simple, classic look like these. Get that gorgeous pine smell easily even if you have an artificial tree.

Mason jar vignette with cranberries (On Sutton Place)

Floating Candle Vase

Floating Tealight In A Jar With Pine And Cranberries Mommy Savers Via @Remodelaholic 033013 Copy
Photo Credit: Mommy Savers.

with a floating candle (Mommy Savers)

Table Centerpiece

Use Fresh Evergreen As A Table Centerpiece Finding Home Online Via @Remodelaholic 033026 Copy
Photo Credit: Finding Home.

as a table centerpiece (Finding Home Online)

Framed Wall Vase Display

Mason Jar Wall Vase With Fresh Pine And Evergreen Boughs Sowanddipity Via @Remodelaholic 033040
Photo Credit: Sow and Dipity.

A great way to change decor seasonally is this little wall art vase set up. In a framed wall vase add your seasonal inspiration (from Sowanddipity)

Gorgeous Fruit Arrangement with Cuttings

Fresh Fruit And Evergreen Branches In A Glass Hurricane Southern Living Via @Remodelaholic 033032 Copy
Photo Credit: Southern Living.

as a fresh fruit arrangement (via Southern Living) — and this would look great with these orange clove pomanders, too!

 Mmm… can’t you smell it already?? Happy holidays!

More ideas for using fresh evergreen in your holiday decor:

How To Use Fresh Evergreen In Your Holiday Decor, @Remodelaholic

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