Ever wondered how to dig a trampoline hole? See what we learned and watch our tips for a successful in-ground trampoline installation.

Tips for In-Ground Trampoline Installation

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Since my kids have been wanting a trampoline, Cass and I have been talking about the pros and cons of installing a trampoline in a hole like Sam does.

Pros and Cons of an In-Ground Trampoline

How to prep for a trampoline hole

This trampoline hole was going in where there was existing landscaping, so the area had to be prepped really well. Digging the hole in an unfinished backyard would require less prep.

Safety first: before you start digging, call 811

Prep for the trampoline installation by also removing sprinkler heads and pipes in the trampoline area and adjusting the sprinkler lines if needed.

Know your soil type.

Clay may require different prep than rocky or dry soil. A high water table may also require a drain to be installed in the trampoline hole.

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