Are you a wine cork hoarder? Do you save all the corks from the wine bottles you’ve gone through in the past years? Here are 25 amazing wine cork DIY ideas for you to try.


1. Make a trivet with wine corks.

This is probably the most popular wine cork DIY project, and for good reason. Everyone needs a trivet and wine corks make such handsome ones!

Wine corks are made of the same material as cork boards, so it makes sense that wine corks can be used to create attractive and functional message boards.

2. Create a message board.

3. Build a charming Christmas tree.

Do you drink a lot of wine during the holidays? Decorate for Christmas with a fun wine cork Christmas tree that you can build yourself! Here are two different versions; both are equally cute.

4. Turn wine corks into jewelry.

These beautiful wine cork pendants were made with sliced wine corks, stamps, a little paint, and eye screws. Make one for yourself and another for a fellow wine lover!

5. Make magnets that can hold tiny plants.

It’s easy to turn wine corks into magnets, but why not take a step further and craft your wine cork magnets to act as tiny planters, too?

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