Recently we shared how we added some color to our neutral open floor plan in our Jordan House, including painting our interior doors. We wanted to *really* share 26 tips for painting interior doors.

FAQs and 26 Tips for Painting Interior Doors

We shares both general tips for painting doors and the specific process of how to paint a 6-panel door and how to paint the faux wood grain without brush strokes. 

I’ve done both, and even the smoothest foam rollers still leave a little bit of texture behind. 

Brush or roller ?

How do I eliminate brush strokes while painting my doors?

It’s also really important that you use a good quality brush clean the paint from your brush regularly.

What brush should I use to paint my door?

For walls and cutting in, a wider brush is usually better, but for paneled doors, I chose an angled brush the same width as the depth of the panel.

What is the best paint to use on interior doors?

I always always always use a satin or semigloss paint for one reason: cleaning.

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