Garden edging is a great way to make your yard look beautiful and keep flower beds contained. Try one of thesegarden edging ideas to update your curb appeal.

If you have been looking for ways to increase the beauty of your lawn.  You may want to consider landscape edging. 

Concrete Edges

Concrete garden  edging is a more permanent way to separate your garden beds from your lawn. 

Paver stones, or brick garden edging is classic and always a great option. Plus it adds a beautiful visual texture to the line breaking up the beds and turf.

Paver Edging

Raised-Bed Border

Try a combination of stones and plastic edging to create a beautiful and layered garden edging. Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to achieve this look.

Eco-Border Landscape Edging

For an easy option that requires no digging or extensive prep work, check out eco-border landscaping edging.

Modern Concrete Edging

Here’s another tutorial on how to DIY concrete edging, but with a decidedly modern feel.

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