If you’ve ever dreamed of marble countertops and then nearly fainted at the price, you NEED today’s post! 

This project was so scary for me, but I am so glad I overcame my fears and did it because I am happy as a clam with my new countertop!

FIRST, if your countertop isn’t already fit to the space you’re putting it in, cut it to size.

Cut Counters to Size

Jordan took the balls from our bocce ball set and drilled holes through them. Can you guess what these are for?!

Repair Any Hole

Jordan’s always figuring out better ways to do things: He hooked up this hook part onto his drill to more easily spin and set the balls into place.

Prime the Countertop

Mix your paint. I just used leftover paint to mix up three different colors of gray: a very dark gray, a medium gray, and a light gray.

Paint the Faux Marble Look

Stand back often to look at the countertop and see how it looks from a distance.

Step Back and Check Out Your Work

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