With the cooler temperatures outside during this winter season, it the perfect time to curl up under a blanket and keep cozy and warm. 

Easy Ways to Store Blankets

1. A Blanket Ladder

A ladder is an great way to display blankets. Here is an easy and low cost DIY blanket ladder from Remodelaholic.

If you have vintage quilts or blankets made of beautiful textiles that you want to show off, using re-purposed furniture is a way to elevate your storage.

2. Display Cabinet

Another thing to keep handy is baby blankets. It seems you can never have too many.

3. On the Back of the Door

4. Out of Sight

While displaying blankets is always an option, sometimes you might want to tuck these away out of sight.

5. Baskets and Boxes

Of course, the solution often used for blanket storage is tucking everything into a basket. There is a reason the idea is popular, because it is easy and practical.

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