Two ways to make a hollow core door into a 5-panel door, one of which will only cost about $12.

How to Transform a Hollow Core Door into a Paneled Door

DIY Salvaged Wood Door from a Flat Door

Part of our foyer makeover was figuring out what to do with this closet, and I thought an old salvaged wood door would be the perfect touch.

I looked for real vintage doors but couldn’t find anything in the right size or style, or they needed too many mods to fit, or they were just too expensive.

The existing door was one of those cheap-o hollow core synthetic wood deals… and it was pretty beat up. You can really see the fake wood grain texture here…

If you have one of those old school plain wood doors it would be ideal for this project, assuming you could sand down the stain a bit. Because mine wasn’t real wood, unfortunately I couldn’t strip & sand the paint off.

I used a LOT of contact cement to get it to stick. Two solid coats.

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