These easy art ideas are fun for kids and adults a like! Use them as kids wall decor for a bedroom or playroom, or display your own and your kids’ art skills proudly in the living room, too.

60 Easy Art Ideas for Kids Wall Decor

Kid-Friendly Easy Art Ideas for DIY Wall Decor

Even the littles of littles can make classic geometric art (with a little help) following this tutorial by Lemon Thistle.

Put some wood scraps to use in this pieced artwork (Today’s Creative Life) — it uses one of my favorite color-washed wood techniques!

Would you guess that this piece is cupcake liners?!? Just add some paint,or paper could work too. (A Home Full of Color)

In the DIY world, “abstract” means that I can put some paint on it and it might actually be accidental, but it might end up looking really good! 

Easy DIY Abstract and Watercolor Art

Expensive tastes don’t have to actually be expensive! Dans Le Townhouse used cardboard to make some Rothko wannabe abstract art pieces.

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