Ready to get rid of the cord clutter? We’ve got ways to hide cables, cords, and electronics, plus ways to decorate around the TV and electronics so they are part of your home decor instead of an eyesore.

How to Decorate Around The TV and Electronics

My friend Lindsey over at Makely introduced me to the phrase “techoration” — it’s the idea that, rather than fighting it, you incorporate technology into decorating and design choices.

A DIY sliding platform also helps the TV to be out when you need it, but not in the way when you don’t (by Home Coming).

Framing in a wall-mounted television helps it to blend with the decor and look more like art, less like a TV — we made ours from reclaimed wood, and we also hid our cords in our faux mantel!

Think a little bigger and add a pallet-style wall behind the TV — hang the TV/speakers and the cords can go behind.

Put a lightweight galvanized trashcan lid on top of stacked stone and anchor it in place with a heavy stone on top.

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