Before and After Kitchen Island Makeover

This rather boring island needs a before and after kitchen island makeover, let’s see what we can do. 

One of the biggest issues was the granite hanging over an edge without anything to hold it up.

Sketch Out the Plan

Sketching out a plan helps to know if you will like what the update will look like.

First, measure where the edges of the vertical corner boards will be and center the beadboard grooves in that space.

Install the Beadboard

Install the Boards

Now install the board and batten treatment.  Start with the corner boards of the middle section.  

Install Vertical Batten Piece

Next nail on the horizontal boards on top and bottom, in-between the corners. Then the vertical dividers spaced evenly.

Wrap Edges with Molding

Wrap the whole corner with wood to create a really clean finished end.

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