Decorating a console table is very similar to decorating a  buffet table, in my opinion, but I thought since I am curating a dining room sale over at Wayfair that I would give you some ideas of how you could use these great options and some tips for decorating a buffet table.

How To Decorate a Buffet

1. Blank Canvas

Start with a blank Canvas.  Clear off the buffet top and wall behind it so you can really see the space.

Start by hanging your art on the wall.  Consider a mirror, art canvas or set of canvases and framed photography or even open shelves.

2. Hang Art

3. Vertical elements

Add a lamp or set of lamps to the buffet to help with mood lighting for your space.  You may also want to try a pretty vase of some sort, with flowers.

 Since your lamps are most likely a vertical element, don’t forget about a horizontal element for the space like a pretty tray.

4. Horizontal elements. 

5. Accessorize

 Add your personality to the space.  This is a great time  to add a few pops of color or bits of whimsy.  Don’t let it go overboard, simple is usually better.

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