I love the industrial style that is so popular right now! And as an added bonus, many industrial looks are easy to knock-off with a trip to the hardware store. The problem? All those metal pipes and fittings are pricey!

DIY Industrial Shelf Using PVC Pipe

Today I’d like to share with you one such project. I was sitting on the floor, staring at this wall. Not exaggerating. (If something bugs me, I will sit and stare at it until I figure out what is “off” and then come up with a solution.)

My first idea was something like this…Gorgeous right ? Well, for $5,998.04 at “Nuevo Living” it better be gorgeous! (Can you believe that is the “Special Price”?) Since I don’t just have that chunk of change collecting dust, I needed to find an alternative solution.

-  Rubber Mallet -  Sand Paper -  Saw (I would suggest a Miter Saw) -  Drill -  1″ Paddle Bit

Tools Required:

Materials Needed:

-  Spray Primer -  Metallic Spray Paint Stain -  2×10 wood planks               -  3/4″ PVC pipe      

Step 1: Think it through

Take the time to map out your dimensions! Unfortunately the whole “measure twice, cut once” logic applies. Once dimensions are established you can get started!

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