Caulk. It can be intimidating and definitely takes some time, but use these caulking tips and you’ll love the finished, professional look you create!

Adding caulk creates seamless transitions that make the whole room look finished.

Caulk: Get the name right

Caulk is a different product, although the words get used interchangeably all the time.

I use this caulk from Home Depot around my home (and in the video). It is caulk plus silicone so it has a bit of flexibility when dry, helping to prevent cracks or separation.

Types of Caulk

How to Caulk: Video

Here’s a short video where I share basic caulking tips. I was a total beginner and these are the things I had to figure out on my own!

After filling the top gap, I used the same caulking process to fill the nail holes and vertical corner seams. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect at it. Stick with it and watch how fast you’ll improve.

Caulking Tips for a Perfect Finish

I always like to start in a section of the room that’s less visible, like behind a door or in a closet just in case it takes me a minute to get going.

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