My post today is really long overdue.  In fact, today’s topic is probably the number one question that I have received over all my years working with paint colors.

Choosing Paint Colors that Work With Wood Floors

I haven’t really delved much in the past into colors that work with wood tones for multiple reasons — but the primary reason is that it’s complicated.

How to Choose Paint Color That Work With Wood Trim and Flooring

One of the biggest problems that I always see when it comes to paint colors used in spaces with wood trim.

Problem #1: Choosing Too Warm of a Paint Color

Solution: Choose a Balanced Paint Color

The best thing a home owner can do to showcase the beautiful wood features is to choose a color that is 65-75% cool and 25-35% warm in the undertone.

Problem #2: Choosing the Wrong Shade of Paint Color

Another big problem that I see is that people do not think of their wood trim and flooring as a shade of color.

Solution: Differentiate Between The Wood Shade and the Paint Shade

Think of your wood trim and floors as a shade of color. My rule of thumb is to go at least three shades lighter in wall paint color (yes three).

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