This summer we have been rather busy with the new house. I showed you the deck we built, or at least part of it, and I try to share updates on instagram (follow me @remodelaholic). 

We dump our grass clippings there and collect spoiled fruit or veggies from the garden to create a sort open concept composite bin.

Something had to be done. I had a plan.  A while ago, I realized the easiest thing to do would be to paint our side of the cinder block white to match the vinyl fence.

The whole process was VERY simple.First we had to move a LOT of soil.  (Well a couple truck loads.  So while that wasn’t easy my husband and his brother got it done like champs!)o we moved it over there.

After that, the wall needed a good pressure wash to clean off the staining from the dirt and any loose soil. When the wall had dried, the mortar was looking pretty hammered so we needed to patch it.

 When the patch had dried, we painted the first coat of Drylok on the cinder block.  The wall was so pleased, it was beaming!  Literally!

We used a roller and a special acrylic bristle brush to work the paint into the cracks, but also get the paint up quickly and evenly.

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